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Test/Tren/Var, Final Opinion?

Hey gents, just wanted to run the final numbers by you all to get some last minute opinions. I had some solid feedback from my previous post so I made some changes for the better. Gyms should be opening up here shortly so that’s when I will be starting this cycle. For the record this will be my 3rd cycle.

Test E 750mg every week (week 1-15)
Tren Ace 100mg EOD (week 1-8)
Anavar 50mg (week 1-6)
MK-677 10mg ED (mainly for injury issues)

Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
Caber .25mg twice per week
P5P 200mg ED

Looking forward to some significant body recomp on this one. Anyone have any solid info after running a somewhat similar cycle on what I can expect from this one?

Current stats: 6’4 - 225lbs - 12.5% BF

Thanks gentlemen!

That’s not how I would run it but then again I’ve never run Tren so you may not want to listen to my advice. :laughing:

If it were me, I would stick to a slightly above TRT dose of test and let the tren do the work. No aromasin needed. I also wouldn’t run the caber at 350mg/wk if it were me. Then again I don’t know your cycle history so that’s me doing me.

I’m pretty estrogen prone so I just wanted to avoid any potential issues while running tren. That’s the only reason I’m running it like that from the jump. I have to take an AI at 250mg of test a week which is what I will typically cruise on. If I don’t my chest and back break out like a MF.

If you’re estrogen prone that’s even more reason not to run high test. Tren doesn’t aromatize so that’s not adding to the equation. The only E2 will come from your test.