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Test Tren Ratio for Cycle

What do you fellas prefer. Higher test or tren in your cycle?

I have read in a different forum that some people are going on a ratio of 2:1 Test : Tren.

I have also devised my current cycle this way: 250 mg Tren/week and 500 mg Test/week.

sometimes I up the tren to 300 mg/week with the same test dose.

I am doing fine so far and this is still my second week.

When I run my first Tren/Test cycle I will be aiming for more tren than test.

I am not sure on Test dosage but it will be 350mg per week or less (probably in the 100mg every 3rd day range so 233mg per week) and Tren Ace I will start at 25mg every day (175mg per week) and after 10 days increase to 50mg a day if sides and everything check out.

This would be my 3rd real cycle (on TRT) and am not looking to push anything as I think tren will be pushing it plenty.

My reasoning is that I dont want to use an AI and I want to see how I react to tren. In the future a tren test mast cycle sounds like a ton of fun.

I ran a test 250 every 6th day (292mg a week) and masteron 200mg every other day (700mg per week) and it was great. Only side was bacne and insane strength. I want to replicate this but for a very serious cut cycle with a much better cutting drug.

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this depends on the person, i have ran up to 1g of test / tren together, best for my is 625mg of tren 800mg test, if i run higher tren it really does not do much.