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Test, Tren, Proviron Cycle Help

Looking for opinions/suggestions for my upcoming cycle. I’m 30yrs old 6’5 235lbs at around 10% bf. this will be my 5th cycle and I have several compounds left over from previous cycles. looking to front load with test prop into test e with tren ace. I guess my biggest question is with the hcg and proviron layout. I’ve never used hcg b4 and I’m fully aware of the recommended use throughout the entire cycle but I currently only have 5000iu’s and all other compounds on hand. I’m not looking to buy anything else, instead use up what I already have available. also, I’m perfectly fine doing frequentl pins as most my previous cycles have all been fast acting esters and I prefer stable bloods. I’d like to hear thoughts on this before I begin, thanks

You can probably scale back the arimidex once you’re off the prop. Logically you won’t need the same dose that you’d need with that extra 350/w from the prop, no? Otherwise it looks good.

I’m just nervous as to keeping e2 low while running the tren. I know it has no conversion but alot of guys swear the “prolactin” issues stem from having too high of estrogen levels. I’ve ran several tren cycles with no issues/very minimal sides and never had to use caber, but I’ve always ran the ai alongside it. like I said tho, my biggest concern is the hcg. this will be my first go with it

Your protocol for the hCg looks perfectly fine. Seems like you know what you’re doing and that you’ve got everything planned out pretty well.