Test/Tren Post Cycle Input

I have been running test/tren on what is approaching 9 weeks of a 12 week cycle. Currently I am using NDEX, and I was planning on using it as a PCT. I have a chance to get my hands on some Clomid, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to run dex and clomid post cycle, and if so why do some bodybuilders i speak to have conflicting views on using multiple products?

what the fuck is NDEX?


Great to see nothing has changed and everyone still does their research before starting cycles.

I have done years of research. Unfortunately, every meat head on the planet has their own opinion. For me to blindly trust information on this site would be no different than trusting another site. I do however value the opinion of this message board more than most sources. It is good to see nothing has changed, people are still wasting a post making asinine comments.

Right now I’m running test, tren, d-bol cycle… 1-12 test 750mg, 2-10 tren 75mg ed, 4-8 d-bol 30mg ed, aromasin 12.5mg ed. PCT looks like this: 13 clomid 25mg eod, 14 clomid 100/75/50/50 + 6g daa ed, 15 cloimd 50mg ed + 6g daa, 16 clomid 50mg eod + nolva 20mg on alternating days + 6g daa ed, 17 nolva 10mg ed + 6g daa ed, 18 nolva 10mg ed - last two days start aromasin @ 12.5mg ed for 6 days.
Both clomid and nolva have there benafits in a PCT. Most sites you look up Pct with these type cycles and they recomend using both together. It is also recomended that you allready have your serms before you start the cycle. Hope this helps you out bro.
PS. PLEASE stop calling body builders Meat Heads.

thanks solo. I have everything in hand. I have been running test E solo for 6 weeks. I know test only cycles dont produce massive gains, but I have went from 165 to 200 over the course of 2 test only cycles and nonstop bulking.