Test, Tren, NPP, Winny, Anavar, & Proviron


I will be starting a cycle in 3 days I have everything I need to start just waiting for some TUDCA and OMEGA-3 and a few other things. This will be a 12 week cycle where I am aiming for a complete body recomposition.

I had an unfortunate injury tore my bicep and nearly damaged my rotator cuff for right arm, and then nearly damaged my left knee. Was an absolute disaster and it has taken me over 12 months to get back to normal and have full mobility again.

My diet as you can imagine went to utter shit. But I have been eating clean for the past 6 months and I’m currently sitting on cheeky 20% BMI, I;m 28 years old, 5ft 9. I am experienced in using a few a compounds certain ones i have never done but this time I am thinking of doing a few supplements to support this recomposition.

-Week 1-12
Test P or cyp 210mg/wk - daily pins
-Week 1-5
Tren A 350mg/wk - daily pins
-Week 6-12
NPP 280mg/wk - daily pins
-Week 1-4

The below are orals I have where I am not sure on how to effectively use them in this cycle.
TBOL - 10MG - 85pills
STANAVAR - 100MG - 120pill
PROVIRON - 50mg - 200pills

I do have Asin,caber, hcg all on hand for cycle support. Pct is nolva,clomid, daa, tribulus, ostarine. This works great for me. I do have a N2guard also
Any users on the forum have any cycle advice or criticism? Goal is obviously lean bulk and melt fat where possible. Anyone have any experience with these compounds combined?

I am more than happy to get rid of the NPP if this isn’t a wise decision.

Yes, I have so much criticism to make regarding this cycle… it’s retarded that you’re willing to put all this in you’re body without having the slightest clue regarding the risks, how these drugs work

Using ostarine for PCT… are you kidding me

But no, my bullshitometter has broken, I’m not helping out here other than giving the advice “you’re going to kill yourself here”

I understand the wish to get back to where you used to be… but muscle memory is a powerful tool and in actuality you probably don’t need that much gear…

what the hell is stanavar? that’s not even a compound, you’re using the brand name of what you’ve got and not the actual drug at stake

Why would you combine two 19-nors, why do you think you need tren? Are you aware of the inherent risks that come from combining winny and tren (about the most dangerous AAS combo one can use in terms of longevity/overall health effect)

This is a perfect example when I say “many older guys who come in here are worse than the kids on here who want to cycle”

Granted the dosing of test P and NPP is conservative (the tren isn’t)

If you don’t know how to use orals on cycle… don’t use them, you’re better off not using oral AAS anyway

I have all of the above compounds the TREN is a compound that a friend gave me which is something I want to use at some point but I’m not putting much faith in this compound.

Trust me i get the muscle memory I was sitting on
42% BMI 6 months ago and slowly i’m getting back to the flow of how i used to train.

STANAVAR is compound which is mix of anavar and winstrol. I have used this once
before during my rd cycle and did i love using this compound it was amazing and I had zero issues with this compound and barely barely any side effects. The issue with using this oral is that they come in mg tablets where it is 50mg of each.

I know people personally who have used TREN and have seriously damaged themselves and are struggling in getting back to normal.TBF i was being an idiot in even thinking of using TREN this is a compound which i have never entertained much and will never use. I seem to forget this isn’t a race to get where i want to be as quick as possible but more so the safest possible way.

Getting back to the cycle with the new found information I have provided what is the best possible way i can begin it, I wont be using TREN.

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42% BMI doesn’t exist… BMI isn’t measured in percentages. If you mean a BMI fo 42 I want pics, you were either fat or bigger than Phil Heath, almost as big as Rolley Winklarr… if this was with a muscular frame then holy shit… have you ever thought about competing?

Don’t use ostarine for PCT, just like AAS it initiates a negative feedback loop to the HPTA (exactly what you’re trying to recover from)

Barely any outward sides… get LFT/kidney function and lipids checked while on this and you’ll be in for a huge surprise. You could theoretically break the tablets up into 1/2 tabs or 1/4 tabs to take lower dosages… 100mg orals (aside from anadrol) is too much unless you’re competing in strongman/powerlifting/bodybuilding (few weeks pre contest).

Neurologically or in terms of cardiac health?