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Test/Tren Mix to Reduce BA Soreness?

Hey guys, forgive me if i’m out of line for asking this here, but I am looking for some insight on how to mitigate PIP with Tren A currently.

I am on week 6 of a 12 week Test E cycle in Which I introduced Tren into for weeks 4-12. Currently, I am running 75mg of Tren and 75mg of Test EOD because the PIP from tren alone causes cramps during injection with a 25g 1" pin. I realize that most regularly pin Test E at 250mg twice weekly, but Ive found the PIP to be significantly lower when the Test E is being pushed at the same time. From what I’ve read, a lot of Tren A variants have higher BA content leading to more PIP.

What do you guys think? I’m also experiencing Tren Dick a bit…though about bumping the test up to 100mg eod to mitigate that issue.