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Test, Tren, Mast Stack

Hey guys, quick bio, 6’0, 250lbs, 12-14%bf, 56how, lifting since 16. Started gear a year ago, have done multple stacks, been on 500 test, 500 dead, and 500 mast-Sunday/Thursday 250 each of these days. Getting ready to switch to tren, test, mast stack. Looking to lean down but still build for summer. What’s going to be my best #'s for the new stack? Thanks in advance.

Your tren side effects are going to be much less with lower testosterone from my experience. A TRT dose will be enough. I usually go with 200, but as low as 100 mg is fine too, just enough so youre not deficient in testosterone. This is my favorite steroid stack. I prefer 200/700/700, though you may want to go with less tren if it is your first tren cycle especially. Masteron makes me feel great, improves my libido on tren, makes me more vascular and hardens me up. You can also get away with less, but I don’t notice much below 400. You’ll notice it more the lower your body fat gets with Masteron. Currently I have added caber into my tren cycle, and I recommend it if you’re concerned with prolactin related gyno, but the caber truly shines when it comes to preventing tren loss of libido.
I have noticed diet to really make a huge difference with a tren cycle. I know it’s paramount to getting results from any steroid, but tren seems to work differently when you introduce carbs or eliminate carbs. Everyone is different on this. My friend gets more cut eating a ketogenic diet on tren, while if I eat large amount of clean complex carbs I somehow get leaner and more vascular. My bro science hypothesis on this is when I eat carbs on tren I sweat, my heart rate increases making it seem as if my body heat is increased by the tren/carbohydrate interaction, but this is pure speculation.

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Outstanding Bro, thanks for the quality info