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Test/Tren/Mast Precontest Cycle


Hello all, Im a long time lurker in the forums and find myself in need of some help. Im getting ready to hop on my second cycle in preparation for a bodybuilding show Im going to be competing in during the month of october. The cycle that I have planned to run is Test Prop, Test cyp, Tren Ace and Mast. I am currently in possession of 4 vials of cyp, but I plan to kick the cycle off with the prop for the first 2 weeks.

In my quest to approach my second cycle with prudence and maturity I have read a number of books on the cycles ("Laymens guide to steroids" all editions, William Llewellyn's "Anabolics," Bodyuilding strength traing and steroids" etc...). Im not trying to act like im an expert or anything in listing these, its just my attempt at ensuring you guys know that I am fully aware of what I am getting into, and don't take sticking needles in my body on a regular bases lightly.
Stats:Age: 28

Years Training: 13 years

Number of cycles: 1 cycle of test cyp at 500mg a week for 7 weeks ended roughly 4 months ago.
Weight: 250lbs (recently cut down from 266lbs from June 10th after a power lifting meet)

Diet: Zig Zagging calories daily based on activity level. Basically low carb paleo (Anabolic Diet, Palumbo diet style eating,) with a higher carb refeed every 3rd night.

Supps: Krill oil, Fish oil, Seasamin oil, Creatine, Glutamine, Essential aminos, Branched chained aminos, Alcar, Taurine.

Currently planned cycle
Test prop Wk 1-2 & 10-11 x 50mg ED x 350mg a week
Test cyp. Wk 1-8 x 200mg x Sun & Wed x 400mg a week
Tren A. Wk 4-11 x EOD x 75mg x 300mg a week
Mast. Wk 6-11x ED x 50mg x 350mg a week

Estrogen control
.5 Letro EOD

Fat loss

Clen and ECA in 2 week intervals
Various fat burner sample packets I get from local bodybuilding shows

Here are my questions
1) I have read a lot about test/tren cycles, and there seems to be a school of thought that believes test should be run lower than tren. But then there is also a side that says test and tren should be ran at the same mg per week. My main goal is conditioning, but I wouldnt be mad if I got to add a pound or two to my frame in the process. What do you think? (The books Ive read tend to reccommend dosages much lower than what I have seen many on the boards reccomending.)

2) I've got some Rui Prami on the way, but is a prolactin inhibitor really nessasary if I dont have any sides? I never had any issues with gyno during my test cycle, so do you think it would be fine just to keep the Prami on hand? Or should I take it from the start? If I am running Letro EOD is the Prami even needed since prolactin couldnt get out of control without estrogen first getting out of hand?

3) Do you think HCgenerate would keep my libido right while on cycle? I know the tren can be rough on the boys. Would Viagra or Cialis be enough to allow me to perform while in cycle?

4) I am a little confused as to the crossover periods between cyp and prop. after 2 weeks of dosing esters and prop it seems like by week 3 my test levels are gonna be crazy high. Should I be worried about this? What is the best protocol to hop from prop to cyp, and then back to prop again for the last two weeks of the show?




About to run a very similar cycle. I have a few things to add.

I’m running: Test P 30mg, Tren A 50-70mg, Mast 75mg all ED, for 12 weeks.

I’m running high tren low test, as am estro sensitive and want to minimize bloat and other estro sides (to answer your #1). I’m running mast the entire time, mast helps to reduce estrogen as well as increasing libido! (to answer your #3) When running mast alongside test you may not even need an AI!

I’ll be running .25mg of Prami ED, although it is my first run with Tren, but hear the sides can be a nightmare if not controlled. Better safe than sorry. Can start with .125 for first few days as it makes some nauseous. If really seeing sides (lactation, sweats, trensomnia) can up to .5mg. (to answer #2)

To answer #5, I’d drop the cyp entirely and just run prop throughout, less complicated, and you’re already going to be doing ED injections… what’s the point?