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Test, Tren, Mast Cycle. Need Help

So basically I’m not what I would consider a novice but go ahead and bash me because I made a no-brained, stupid mistake. I haven’t touched gear since 2012 and I’m getting back in with a cycle:

•Test E: 500mg/wk
•Masteron E: 400mg/wk
•Tren Ace; 50mg EOD

So the dumbass thing I did was start everything at the same time. I should have waited a couple of weeks for the test to get established before starting the short ester tren; unfortunately I just didn’t think. What is going to happen and what should I do? Should I discontinue the tren for about a week and let the test pick up? Is the test ever going to pick up now. It’s crazy because I’ve been on for 10 days and already feel strength gains but mass gains have been zero. No physical changes at all. Which I didn’t expect for the shit to work overnight but usually with test and tren I see it quick, however I usually do prop and ace. Anyway, what do I do and how fucked up of a situation am I in? Thanks

Your nuts will fall off, but you probably won’t die.


Seriously, I think you are over-stressing this. You will probably see the effect of this briefly, but when test comes back up (and it will, if you continue with injections) those should subside. Have you used tren before, and are you taking cabaser or anything else to battle prolactin/progestin sides?

If you are really that worried about it and have access to prop, then inject with that for a few days or so to cover the gap.

But again, I think you’ll be fine. Odd you haven’t seen any mass gains though, assuming your diet is on track.

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I think it’s really odd I’m seeing no increase in mass because (and yes, I’ve taken tren once previously) I’ve been since Dec. 1st. I feel harder, strength is going up; zilch on mass though. And I’m lean. But yes I have accsss to prop but it’s a 2 hour drive one way. But the tren is real as fuck. Smells like it. Tastes like it. Looks like it. I just said screw it and doubled up on my Test today.

Got prescription Adex from my doc and that’s it. I’m taking .5 every other day.

I know what it looks like but the first two??? I am just curious.

I 2nd the way over stressing, stay the course. If you have a limited amount of tren though I would rather run more of it shorter especially Tren Ace.

Drop the tren for now, keep pinning test, adjust the tren dosage to ED instead of EOD, after 4 weeks of test start the tren.

I appreciate the feedback. This is day 13 and still no visible aesthetic change but my strength has gone way up. 2 weeks ago I was dumbbell shoulder pressing the 60s for 8 reps, how I’m doing the 70s for 8 solid reps. That’s definitely not a natural strength increase because I’ve been training for about 23 months straight with one 4 month break due to an inguinal hernia. For all I know this Mast could be Test or Eq. Am I allowed to post a pic of my gear??

Mast doesnt do much for strength gains…its mostly an aesthetic steroid.

Yes I know.

Once again: can I post a pic of the gear?