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Test/Tren/Mast Cycle. Bloodwork Questions

Hey guys, Im currently on week 7 of an 8 week cycle consisting of 200mg Test-P, 400mg Tren Ace, and 500mg Mast-P per week. I got some blood work drawn and I was wondering if you could help me clarify a few things.

  1. From what I understood, Tren will cause an erroneously high E2 reading. So i ran the ultra sensitive (LC/MS), as well as the regular method of measuring E2 (ECLIA), but they both came out essentially identical. Does this mean the compound Ive been running may not actually be tren? Ive had very few sides, but from what Ive experienced, they seem to point in the direction of it being legit (a couple times I got tren cough, some slight insomnia). I know the only sure fire way to know would to be to test the compound itself. So my question would be, does the E2 using the ECLIA method of measuring ALWAYS spike with Tren?

  2. Other than the cycle completely destroying my cholesterol levels, all the other labs look pretty decent. I noticed my liver enzymes are elevated as well. I dont drink at all, and I thought only the orals would elevate liver enzymes. Is this normal with injectables as well?

  3. The DHT and E2 levels are both elevated. Ive never taken an AI on cycle, as I havent had any e2 related issues as far as I know. I am getting pretty lethargic during the day, but i think I can attribute that to the slight insomnia ive been experiencing, especially during the end of the cycle. Im close to finishing this cycle up, so I feel it wouldnt be very beneficial to try and bring those values down now (I ran my labs a little later than I wanted), but for next time should I add in an AI to decreased the E2 at all? (I have aromasin and arimidex) And is there any concern to bring down the DHT, and if so, how?

Overall the cycle went really well I feel. The only other compounds I added was HCG @500/week. I had caber , but never used it and Im glad I didnt as my prolactin was very low anyway. Thats about it, thank you in advance for any info you can give to me I greatly appreciate it. You guys are all awesome and helpful!

Labwork Link

Also, I forgot to ask this too, shouldnt my Test and Free Test levels be much much higher than they are for being on test and tren? Diluted gear possibly? Thanks again

Tren won’t raise your levels. They seem about right for 200 mg of test P per week, or at least off enough that I would conclude fake gear.

Your total T is low because your SHBG is only 5. Your Free T is about right for that dose. Mast is going to cause your elevated DHT. I wouldn’t worry about the E2 sans symptoms. Your ALT is whack and so is your HDL.

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it. Definitely going to have to be more aggressive with liver and cholesterol supps next time around. All a learning experience

Sorry, did you mean to say wouldn’t conclude fake gear? Or did you think one of the compounds was faked/underdosed?

Yes. Sorry for the typo.

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