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Test/Tren Infection?


Last week was my first injection of .5 ml test200 and .5 ml tren. Received the injection in my glute with no issues other than a few days of pain. Took my second injection Saturday without trouble however I woke up Saturday night breaking a fever and pouring with sweat. Sunday I had a high fever most of the day but no marks or swelling. Monday about 6 inches below my injection site I noticed it getting slightly red and puffy, later that evening I noticed the spot had grown in size and what appeared to be a sack or bulge formed roughly 1x3 in size, but didn't stick out to far.

Today the red spot has grown to a larger area down my quad, still slightly pink colored, hot to the touch, smaller sized swelling but it's still nowhere near my injection site. The site looks fine. Unsure as to whether or not I need to have it looked at by a doc.


Best idea would be go to a doc..


Go to a doctor ffs.


When you have something growing inside of you...and its not a baby, its time to go to the doc.