Test/Tren Impacting Semen PH Balance

Every time I run Test/Tren, my wife’s lady parts have issues. Jokes aside regarding the high sex drive…it’s a PH balance issue that causes her stinging pain. Both fully monogamous, both have clean bill of health form STD screening. Her doctor immediately looked at me and told me to stop taking anabolics because its changing the PH of my semen, which my wife is essentially allergic to.

Has anybody else had issues with this? I know it sounds stupid but I can’t find any resources.

Its probably not tren. Its most likely your girl has sensitive stuff and if tren increases the frequency of sex, its just that she gets an irritation.

But its super easy to check and super easy to stop. Dont finish inside. Doh.


HankTank, appreciate it. However, pulling out is 1) Not as fun and 2) I often do as a shitty form of contraception and even the pre-cum seems to make this happen.

Odd - I have run a lot of tren in the past among other things and never had this issue with a female.

Did he analyze your semen for change in PH value before declaring your wife allergic to it?

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Huh. I always feel like finishing inside the pussy is the most boring way. In the ass, mouth or on the face is more fun :smiley:

Regardless of why and how your pH is out of balance it is really easy to re balance. You can get urine test strips from Amazon and Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) added to your shakes to reduce acidity. I underwent this a couple month back and my athletic performance greatly improved with much less pain afterward. It took a few weeks of monitoring and adjusting but for me I am now taking 1/3tsp sodium bicarbonate twice per day and 1/2tsp once at workout time.

And, with tren, you are probably working more often and harder placing more stress on your body, making it more a acidic. SO, not caused by the tren, but buy the additional volume and frequency you can do on the tren.

DRG, on it. Thanks brother.

Glad to help