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Test-Tren HRT Question. Blast Cruise


I recently started HRT. I was prescribed Test Cypionate (200mg wk) and Sermorelin.
I am currently also taking Tren A at 100mg EOD. My concern is that they want me to come back in in two weeks to test my T levels and GH levels. I am concerned that the Tren will elevate some of my levels (not testosterone). They will be checking numbers to see what affect the Sermorelin is having on I-gh1 ect. I am probably just going to stop the Tren now. Anyone have any experience with this? Should I be ok if I stop now or could I possibly keep running what I am?


well, some versions of tren can elevate prolactin, so it’s a good idea to stop that if they’re doing comprehensive bloodwork.

also, tren can elevate your testosterone level… tren binds to androgen receptors much more strongly than testosterone, so it’s gonna bind to the AR, and will free up the extra testosterone. it might not be a huge increase, but it will be an increase, and might change the protocol that your HRT doctor suggests…


Thanks for your reply. It wont be comprehensive per se …But T levels and GH will be tested. I will just stop the Tren. You think things will level out in say 2 weeks?