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Test/Tren & Heart Rate?

I started a cycle 1 week ago.
Ultra-Sust 450, Tren enanthenate 250, both made by morning star labs. I shot 1 ml of each Thursday, and 1 ml of each on Monday. I plan on shooting 1ml of each every Monday. My question is, has anyone had any specific experience with morning star, or tren enanthentate. My heart rate became elevated yesterday, and is remaining at about 100-110 beats per minute, where it is usually at 60 bpm. I have used a home brew tren acetate before, and did notice my heart beat to be in the 80 bpm range, but now it is even higher. Any input or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.

Anybody? How bout some of the vets on here? I am also taking nolva at 20mg per day which I forgot to mention.

Well… wet-processed tren acetate tends to be a much lower dosage than what kits led you to believe which might explain why the last time you ran it you didn’t experience an increased heart rate. I know I noticed a big difference when using wet-processed tren ace. compared to tren ace made from crystals or powder.

Thats cool, but I am using an enanthenate ester. I am guessing that it is the high dose that is being released into my blood stream that’s making me feel this way. Today I feel a little nautious and feverish too. I can’t keep using the tren if it makes me feel this way. Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks guys.

I guess the bottom line is, should I discontinue the tren? Is it going to F me up? Am I just being a pussy?..or do the sides subside at all?

I’ve never tried tren-E. But I do know that I would get what seemed like little mini-stress attacks while on tren-ace.

I don’t know about the dosing protocol of Sustanon, but you might try going E3D on the tren-E, as it provides a more stable concentration curve, and that has been shown to lessen the severity of sides.

But like I said - I’ve never used tren-E.

It could be anxiety. Many bro’s that use very potent androgens get anxiety which manifests itself through elevated heart rates.

That’s a good point. I’ve never really experienced anxiety, but it certainly fits the description. Although tren is some powerful stuff, I am using a relatively low dose.