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Test/Tren Gyno Help

Hey everyone, looking to get some advice if possible.

Been on low test/tren (250/200mg) for a little while now and noticed Gyno symptoms in the form of puffy nips. They disappear if I rub them and the nipple itself gets erect, but then comes back later. I was a stupid and didn’t take an ai from the start bc I didn’t think I needed it. Anyways, I was taking b6 from the start and I’ve jumped on some adex for a few weeks now. I’m wondering if I should treat this like an estrogen or prolactin issue? There’s no discharge when squeezing and I don’t suffer from ED. I’ve been taking some high dosages of adex to try and see if it’s the elevated estrogen, even at the risk of crashing it but no avail. Might look to get letro and see if I can just blitz it.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Labs. There’s no way around it.

No, don’t get letro and blitz, this is stupid. You are going to get Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and take 20 mg every day for a few weeks. If it’s estrogen that should help you. This is also the only thing you can do which won’t damage you before you know what the problem is (Labs!).

If you took high dosages of Adex your estrogen is likely zero. I’d advise you to get some caber on hand and don’t take it until you had a blood test.
Also be aware of the possible consequences of taking dopamine agonists.

So: Get Tamox and Caber. Take tamoxifen. Get labs. Then you’ll now and decide if you take caber or continue tamox. If E2 is low, stop the AI and just continue Tamox.


Don’t do that… Youre only on 250mg test and tren doesn’t aromatize. Know your compounds before you start running ancillary drugs. Labs or as @lordgains said you could try Tamoxifen.

Hey, appreciate the response! I’m looking to get bloodwork ASAP but was looking for advice in the meantime. Why do you advise against letro for Gyno reversal/removal (besides the obvious side effects of crashing estrogen)? I’ve had a flare up once in the past and blitzing the letro helped it, at the cost of libido etc. I’ve also read tons of scientific and anecdotal evidence of letro being pretty helpful in a lot of individuals for reversing Gyno.

That’s what I thought as well, but I don’t notice any of the usual symptoms of crashed estrogen. I still have a libido, joints don’t feel horrible etc. And I’ll grab some caber to have on hand, but is it even needed? I read b6 should be fine for combatting prolactin/prog if e2 is in check? Thanks

Hey, thanks for the reply. I’m aware that tren doesn’t aromatize, but elevated estrogen had to be the only culprit. At the dosage of tren that I was taking, with the supplemental b6, I’m assuming it wasn’t prog/prolactin. Also read that prol/prog sides don’t appear without the presence of elevated estrogen, so my goal was to smash that at any cost, which I don’t think even worked seeing as I’m not noticing any crashed e2 symptoms.

This is the reason. Tamoxifen doesn’t have that problem and is a standard treatment for gyno. And you said you were going to get bloods and are looking for something in the meantime. So don’t mess with your E2 until you know you have high E2 which @blshaw pointed out is unlikely. In the meantime you take a SERM so you don’t mess yourself up for no reason since Tamox won’t treat you as bad as a letro Blitzkrieg on your E2.

That I don’t understand. Prolactin is a peptide and Progesteron is a steroid. Both different in kind and function. Why do you use them synonymously? Or do I misunderstand you?

If it isn’t high e2 what would it be? I can’t see it being prolactin at such a low dose of tren and being on b6, plus not exhibiting any signs of high prolactin. I’m still running the test/tren, and won’t Nolva exacerbate the issue whilst being on tren? Most Gyno reversal protocols I’ve seen have been to run letro. Honestly, it’s just the puffyness I need to get rid of right now

Initial gyno like issues can also be due to the hormonal fluctuations as your system tried to find balance. It’s not always high E2. Nolva is your answer for now. What is your body fat like, some guys start storing fat around chest and lays quickly as well. Don’t assume high E without bloods first. Crashing your E2 is unpleasant.

How so? It’s a SERM, it blocks the estrogen receptors in breast tissue. It doesn’t exacerbate the issue.

This makes sense too as it ultimately is the same if you block the receptor or if you erase the agonist. But you have to be careful with letro and without knowing your E2 levels it just doesn’t make sense to take a guessed amount of Letrozol. With Tamoxifen it doesn’t matter what your level is to an extent.

Bf is low and this particular situation isn’t fat around the chest, as I can make the puffyness dissipate if my pecs are cold or if I touch them to have the nipple erect.

Right, but I meant because I’m currently taking Tren, and have read that taking Nolva whilst on tren can increase progesterone activity?

So what dosage/length would you recommend running Nolva at then? I had a bit of leftover Nolva earlier and ran it for a week at 20 mg and it did nothing.

If it’s just puffy nipples then that’s not really gyno, and a SERM wouldn’t be effective (?). That can be just from fluctuations during the cycle

Well the puffyness is the only thing that I’m mentioning because it’s the one main thing pissing me off, but it’s been there for a while. When I check to see for lumps, I can’t tell if it’s a “lump” per say but I can feel a bit of a hardness, so I’m assuming it’s the “Gyno” lump. I’ve used letro in the past to get rid of all the puffyness/Gyno symptoms but just wanted to see if there was A better option this time around.

I’d recommend at least a few months. 2-3 at least

2-3 months before I see the puffiness dissipate? Or run it for 2-3 months even if the symptoms reside?

If the symptoms reside, you could go on but don’t have to. Honestly, I don’t know your specific case, so I don’t know how long you have to run it. I just estimated how long it would take for a mild case to subside. Try it and report back then we got a data point.

Definitely! Will keep you updated, appreciate all the help!

Also, I’ve got caber on the way too, considering running a very low dose just to make sure I’m hitting it from all sides, considering I’m still running the tren (bout to end tho). Like 0.25 e3d? I’ve read some guys run caber solely for the “sexual benefits”. I’d be using it for the purpose that I ran tren, the “increase in libido” and such would just be extra bonus. I know it was advised against to use a dopamine agonist without bloods, but how can some guys claim to run it solely for the sexual benefits if it’s that bad?

Because some people are very irresponsible in their use and don’t care about the fallout.

Hate to bump an old thread but had a question. Hopped off the tren and been running the nolva alongside 400 mg test EW. Should I still be taking an ai alongside the nolva? The nolva blocks the receptor, but that means that the test is still being aromatized and there’s a high volume of estrogen floating around, even tho it’s not necessarily attaching to the receptor? That would still give me high estro symptoms, without the Gyno right? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks