Test & Tren for Over a Year, BBer Look?

I’ve been running test and tren for over a year now and I’ve seen significant change but I just can’t figure out how to start looking like a professional bodybuilder, I’m 5’11” 215lbs. I’m consuming 2700-3200 cals a day and I just can’t get my body to where I’m satisfied. Where it’s obvious that I’m running a cycle.

What are your doses and what does your diet look like? are you not lean enough or not big enough?

Your intro is vague


Are saying that you have been running testosterone and tren over 365 days straight?

We need more info.
How old are you and how many years of serious lifting?

Pics are always helpful

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My diet is clean, just can’t seem to see the mass and maintain lower body fat

I think these are two separate events happening in a certain order over a period of time.


If all you are looking for is to look like you are on a cycle, you have me convinced. Your deltoids definitely look like you are on AAS.

Most all of us need time and patience to get a competitive bodybuilding look, if we get it at all.


So you’re trying to get unsustainably big and unsustainably lean, is that right? If your goal is to look like the IFBB pros, then your goal is 100% not realistic.

I think you should realize you’re already in great shape and try to save your dick and gainz by switching to TRT and doing better with your diet. Permablast ends in you dying young and disappointed.

Want to get bigger? Eat more
Want to get leaner? Eat less

My best advice from what little I know about you is enter a contest. You can get some good feedback there.

If you are happy being well into the Goldman’s Dilemma spectrum, you might as well see how successful you’ve become before time runs out.

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Yes 365 days

Can you summarize your test (ester?, mg/week) and tren usage (ester?, mg/week) over these 365 days?

Any blood work over this time period?

Also consider anonymizing any pictures you share.

Let me make a prediction solely based on the pic of OP and the single year on AAS.

From all the years I have seen guys lifting weights seeking to be their absolute best, the disproportionate deltoid and trap development is common only in those with very few years of serious weightlifting along with heavy AAS usage. Of course, good genetics is required to achieve the shoulder development of the OP, regardless the quantity of AAS.

I could be wrong, but the OP’s pic is that look.

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A LOT more test and Tren, and A LOT more calories ingested.

These are opposing goals. Problaby why you’ve stalled out on progress. Can’t “maingain” your way to looking like a pro

Well you definetly have the tren look, so i dont see what is the problem with that.

As far as your goals go…

1)In my experience, in order to gain serious size, you will need to fat up a bit. At least in my years of trying to gain size, the only time size comes is when you let go of the abs. Calories 4000-5000. And they dont have to be clean. Training with progressive overload also.
2)Keep in mind that NO ONE has ever looked like a professional bodybuilder on just test and tren. Not even 2 grams of each. There are different anabolics extra, there is very high dose GH and insulin, and its all combined for 10 years straight. Not 1 year on just test and tren.


Tren E 200
Test C 150
No blood work

I know this thread is in the Pharma sub forum, but there is a training component that needs solidifying.

Have you trained squats long enough to get 10 reps with 2 times your body weight (430lb squat for 10 reps)? Getting at least down to parallel.

Are there any body parts that you feel are lagging, and no training program gets them to respond?

for me this would be like 520 x 10… if i ever squat that ONCE i will feel good about myself.


Wow… I mean you have enough drugs in you to have the look. You appear to be lacking size in arms and chest area. I think this is a training issue combined with a genetic aspect.

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Will also say that I work my legs pretty damn hard and proudly show them in pictures whenever possible… NOT showing them in physique pictures can be quite telling; happy to be proven wrong though.

Regrettably to many, Tom Platz put the end to being a professional bodybuilder (or look like one) without some significant “wheels”.