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Test, Tren, Eq Diet Advice


happy holidays bros
Finishing up my 8 week cruise going into this cycle next week
600mg Test E 16 weeks
600mg Eq 14 weeks
300-400mg Tren blend 12 weeks
alot of you might not agree but thinking of adding winny in there as well/

Now for the diet, I am going to be cutting alot of processed carbs out, and junk food out. Eating tons of Meats, eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, ect.

The Only cycles I have ran have been bulking cycles which havent been a prob because I just ate everything but this is going to be my first cycle that I am trying to gain pretty much all LBM. and cut some b/f

Could you guys point me in the right direction for my diet and let me know what worked for you guys.

thanks bros


????..umm say again?


I've never done a cut cycle either so I'm going to be no help to you. However, I like your combination of drugs and have been interested in this same combination for a similar cycle myself. I would love to hear of your progress on this from time to time.


anytime I go through a "cutting" phase I carb cycle. For example I would have a day that is mainly protein and then limited carbs, I would run that three days on and then a higher carb day. Not saying this is the only way to do it just one that works well for me.

I would get my fat from lean protein, supplemental EFA's, almonds, salmon, and so on. Most of my carbs included vegetables like green beans, kidney beans, and sweet potatoes. but I have also wanted to try the cycle you are about to run so please update your results


So I take it you've sucked a lot of dicks on tren?


I am not a pro in dieting, however I do know one thing abpit diary product. Cheese has high amount of Estrogen in it. Most diary product have high amount of estrogen. They feed the cows or inject the cows with hormones like estrogen so the cow can produce high amount of Milk and make a better Cheese and etc... You should consider how much diary product you consume. That's all I have to say about that.

Try to take more Fiber like greens... You also should take a lot of carbs right before a hard work out. Human body goes after carbs first for energy then it goes after fat and the muscle. Not having enough carbs you can get tired quicker and you also have a chance of not burning fat more likely you burn your muscle. That could happen in intense work out. Have complex carbs like Oat meal, Brown Rice, wheat bread and there is whole list of them on the net.

Good Luck.


I feel my estrogen rising already with that bit of ice cream I had this afternoon. Another litre of milk and I may turn into a woman.
wtf... i hope people do see my sarcasm in this.


If you find dieting difficult EQ may not be the best drug. it makes you hungrier than a mofo. great otherwise, just tough to stick to a diet on it.


I don't know what are you trying to say. You might want to start researching Diary product and the amount of estrogen in them. I never said eating ice cream or drinking glass of milk will turn a person into a women but it will increase the amount of estrogen in the blood. I said you need to calculate how much Diary product you are going to consume in one day. It does not happen over night, however it will happen over the period of time. Diary product are high in Fat.

Here is a little example of what I was trying to say. This applies to both women and men. For women is higher. For men is a little moderate. Since we do have natural testosterone which helps burn fat more then women.
"The more fat, the more estrogen, is a broad and general rule-of-thumb. There is actually a sort of cycle; fat cells (adipose tissue or "adipocytes") actually store estrogen (they act as a "hormone reservoir"), and they also contain an enzyme which converts several other steroid hormones to estrogen. And estrogen makes it difficult to lose fat, as well; estrogen binds with a receptor on the surface of fat cells ("adrenergic receptor subtype alpha 2A") which promotes the growth and division of the cell -- especially (unfortunately for us) the type of adipocytes usually found in the butt and thighs."


not sure if this pertains to the arguement at hand, but most "increased estrogen" that most people fear from soy and dairy and environmental estrogens are "bound estrogens" meaning they dont do crap to any estrogen receptors in the body considering they are already bound to enzyms... just what ive gathered, correct me if im wrong, im not 100% sure on that one.


Won't the tren balance that out?


you are correct. It also depends on the person's biology. Some people have higher estrogen then others. Some men have more Estrogen receptors then others and some don't. My argue can not be true for everyone. Not every food or supplement would have the same effect on a individual.

You might eat tons of cheers in a week and you do a blood test for your test count and you see there is not major changes. Another person might eat cheez for 2 days and give a blood test and see a huge change in their estrogen level and testosterone level. It all depends on the person's biology. It is always good to do a blood test here and their to monitor that.


Judging from comments made by my wife, cheeta is absolutely correct in what she says.

I love this cycle without the winny.

If you are wanting to cut - go keto in your diet - but know that you will have hunger pains from hell. I ate like there was no tomorrow, and never gained an ounce of fat.

I am talking about being so hungry the dog food was looking mighty tasty. I don't have the will power to ignore hunger pains that big. I have never felt anything like it before.

Don't worry about the estrogen police.


OK here is my rundown of my EQ experience (note, i took it with test and masteron)


increased endurance in the gym made it so I could work out a lot longer and recover fast (2hr workouts are possible even at high intensity). I didn't notice any improvement in my distance running/cadio but that might have been because I put on 15lbs from the cycle. My cadio is better on just test.


made me hungry as shit all day, every day...good for bulking up skinny guys. not so good for cutting down fat guys who like to eat.


shot up my BP to about 190-180/90...this is because of the increased blood volume. it may or may not be an issue and i guess is fine short term but it should maybe be avoided if you have high BP. I usually score 130/80. I found I got the benifits of the drug at lower doses with reduced BP effects at about 300mg/w...I ran it as high as 750mg/w

made me kinda red, especially when lifting, so if you are trying to keep your juicing on the DL it doesn't help. I was tanning to cover it up (so it just looked like I was red from tanning) but it was pretty noticable if you know what to look for.

So in summary I think it is a very good drug but not one I will ever use again while trying to cut; only when trying to bulk. This might be better when running it with Tren or something like HOT-ROX but I don't care to try it.


You people need to learn about Human biology.

Here read this maybe you understand a little about Human physic.

Almost every conventional diet program ever conceived has one thing in
common: Extremely low calories. Nearly all of these low calorie diets produce weight
loss in the beginning. The problem is, none of them work for long its physiologically
impossible to lose fat permanently by starving yourself. The human body is simply too
smart for this to ever work.
When you starve the fat, you also starve the muscle. When you starve the muscle,
you lose muscle along with the fat. When you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down
and your body enters the starvation mode. When your body enters starvation mode, fat
loss comes to a screeching halt as your body tries to conserve its energy. When the fat
loss stops, you either give up (and gain back the fat you lost), or you grit your teeth and
drop your calories (starve yourself) even more. If you drop your calories even more,
your metabolism slows down even more. And if your metabolism slows down even
more, fat loss comes to a screeching halt again. Eventually, you always end up throwing
in the towel because you cant keep dropping your calories forever. Its a vicious cycle.
You just cant win the very-low-calorie-diet game.

So go ahead and keep your self hungry.. You might find extra muscle growing somewhere else......


Dude. Get a fucking clue. No one has said shit about starving.

What the fuck is your deal?

I am usually pretty reserved in this particular forum, but when a knob-head like comes along, it is time for some truth: Get the fuck out of here if you don't know who or what you are dealing with.

Cutting while on AAS is a totally different animal than cutting clean.

When the clue train comes around next time - get an extra fucking plate of it. Until then, stay the hell out of my forum.





First two readings I would have you do are one on Carb-cycling (Justin Harris) and the other one on nutrition principles by Milos Sarcev. Both excellent on the principles of dieting for the "enhanced" trainee.

There are two approaches that you will need to find out which one works better for you. One is the no carbs approach and the other is the no fats approach. Some people work better with carbs others with fats so give 1 or the other a try during 1 cutting cycle and then later do another cycle with the other approach and compare notes as to which gave you the most fat loss.

Approach 1 - No carbs
The no carbs approach. Benefit: simplicity
This is the Old-Timer approach from 60�??s. You basically substitute all carbs for fat and fibrous vegetables used for bowel movements only. And slowly increase low intensity cardio from 1 session every day to 3 sessions every day depending on how much fat you have to loose, how long before competition you have and how are you feeling overall. The cardio sessions could be interchanged with additional muscle contraction routines since they are less draining on the CNS. IMO intense cardio is not good with this approach as you will be severely tired from the gluconeogenesis. By definition your training will be moved into brevity.

Approach 2 - Low fat
The no fat approach. Benefit: Energy
This is your basic modern bodybuilding approach of eating boiled chicken breasts, boiled white rice, bolied vegetables and basically everything boiled. It gives plenty of energy for several training sessions per day and doing high intense cardio, however the blandness of the food and the limited food choices plus the special preparation make it hard for some people.

Approach 3 - Hybrid
His is the method that Justin Harris and others have espoused lately. You basically use very low amounts of carbs to fuel your training sessions and remain using 0 carbs for the days you are not lifting. This has the benefit of allowing some variety, some easy meal preparations and enough energy to have intense workouts to keep the muscle. The drawbacks is that you need to be dialed-in with your nutrition as you will have to segment the days into high - medium and low carbs days. This poses a problem IMO for the first time dieter since they don�??t know what is the minimum amount of carbs that they need to consume. Some general guidelines have been given, but it pretty much is individual so there may be a lot of number crunching and monitoring here. Not bad if you have laser-like focus on diet, but nevertheless for the dieting novice it can be overwhelming.

Whichever dieting approach you choose there are some principles that you must follow:

  1. Do not change your training split
  2. Do try to keep your rep ranges the same
  3. Maintain your strength as much as possible
  4. Do not try to increase your poundages at this time (too dangerous)
  5. You must do some sort of cardio

Gaining muscle while even trying to reduce bodyfat levels is an art in itself. It can be done, but you will need to have every single factor in control at this time. By factors I mean rest, diet, supplementation and training. All will play an important part and no one is more important than the other. AAS will help you with the recuperation, but remember that the extra cardio will place additional stress on the CNS and overtraining can still happen, albeit rare. However take care of any joint issues that may creep up.

If you can tell I have omitted giving you any particular points regarding cardio. That is because each person is unique and the type of cardio will depend on which dieting style you follow. From experience low carb dieting lends itself well to early morning cardio at 4mph incline for 45min. Low fat lends itself to 45min cardio after training and it becomes individual with the hybrid.

If you haven�??t started with the cardio that would be my first suggestion before starting the cycle. Do some easy 40min cardio sessions after your training on lifting days except for leg days as it will kill your knees. Depending on your bodyfat condition you can do 5 cardio sessions per week. No worries since these are not HIIT sessions and you are using androgens plus monitoring your heart levels (via HRM right?).

I have also omitted to give you the mechanics on how to calculate your PRO, CARBS and FAT. I did that because you should know this by now since you have done bulking cycles before. If not then please see the videos by Milos Sarcev and Justin as they go over this in much more detail than what I can type at this time. The main thing will be to control the fat and carbs consumed while maximizing the protein. Protein supplements will become invaluable at this time.

My personal experience was last year with some test prop and var (which turned out to be winny :frowning: ) cycle was as follows.

I separated my months into 2 week blocks. I alternated 1 week all out hard-core cardio with 2 weeks lower intensity. This I did because I have suffered through the years some injuries whenever I abused cardio while lifting hard. I also changed my diet drastically from the first 2 weeks with the next weeks.

The hard-core cardio was done with mostly liquid meals consisting of 50g PRO, 38g CHO and 12g F. This was because through trial and error I have found that less than x amount of carbs for me my world turns inside-out and over y amount no matter how much gear I take my bodyfat increases.

The other weeks where less intense with more carbs and less than 70g of carbs exchanging it with more protein powder. And I performed low intensity cardio on the treadmill or the elliptical. Result, in 3 months 12 weeks I went from size 32 inch waist to 29 wile keeping my strength and even improving my forearms and calves. Mind you I am a short guy of 5�??6.

Hope this adds to the discussion


I appreciate you Chicka.


Moron, when you say being hungry so that dog food looks good. that means you are starving your self. Starving means you don't eat something until dog food looks good to you. How much clue do i need to get. Learn how to write and communicate with your out side world. Stop leaving your parents get out of your little puny basement and go out and explore the world. Read a book or two on human biology and or take some biology class. I get out when the moderator tells to me get out. don't act tough behind your computer monitor.

Good Bless you and have nice day....