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Test/Tren/Eq Cycle, Suggestions?

Hi before I post my query will tell you guys something abt myself…
I am a recovering addict (4 years clean of Drugs) , once in a blue moon drinker, i was just 50 kilos when started training 4 years ago at the age of 26 now I’m 30 years young :slight_smile:and 66-67 kilos. Bf around 15 (skinfold calipers) current lifts S-135kgs, D- 150kgs , B- 87kgs.
Did a cycle last year 16 weeks(test deca drol) which ended in November since then I’m off (so now time off > time on)
Planning to start the following cycle for 16 weeks
Test e - 500mg (250mg× 2week) (W 1-16)
Eq - 500mg (250mg/2week) (W 1-15)
Tren a- 50mg-75mg EoD (W 1-5)

Caber - 0.25mg 2xweek or 0.50 ( depending on the blood work mid cycle.
Femistra (AI) - 0.50 or 1 mg (2week)
HCG - (250iux 2week in W 1-13)
(500iu in W 14-16)

PCT protocol
Week 1-4 - clomid 50/50/40/40
Nolva 20/20/10/10
HCG 500iu EoD
Some Ashwagandha and shilajeet too

Concerns- how does the cycle look like? is the use of HCG too much? Should I increase test and eq both or it looks fine? Do I need to donate blood while on eq (considering this dosage)
Please advice
Thank you in advance

I would end the EQ at least 2 weeks earlier than the test if you want both to clear about the same time.

Don’t run HCG during your PCT. The amount you propose to use is about right though.

What week do you plan on starting PCT? It looks like it should be around week 20.

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With test e this will be too soon. If you want to run your HCG during this time, that’s fine, but just wait 3-4 weeks after last test shot to start Nolva 40/40/20/20

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Thank you…Will start PCT 3 weeks after the last shot so yeah start of the 20th week… So I’ll do Eq 14 weekz and test 16…
Is tren ok with 5 weeks?

starting the PCT 3 weeks after my last shot of test…
I was also thinking do I need to run HCG during PCT coz I’m anyway using it Week 1-16?
So just using nolva n clomid should be enough?
Thank you

You PCT isn’t going to work or be efficient. Check your ester lengths and make sure you bridge correctly into PCT, using HCG if I’ve read correctly. As said above stop EQ 2 weeks before test. Stop test 4 weeks before PCT. You can run HCG from when you stop the EQ to the start of PCT. Don’t use clomid and nolva together. If only one use nolva. If you want to use both, then clomid @50mg/day for a week followed by nolva for 4 weeks.

You’re not running a 16 week cycle. It’s 16 weeks plus 4 bridge plus 5 PCT. your cycle is 25 weeks. Bridging and PCT is key if you want to reduce effects and keep gains.


So you are saying use Eq for 14 weeks, start PCT 4 weeks after the last test shot, I have a option of using 500iu HCG eod once I stop Eq till the start of PCT (i.e for 6 weeks till PCT) … And in the last 5 weeks use clomid 50mg ED for a week and Nolva 20mg ED for 4 weeks and expect to keep maximum gains… Have I got it right ??

One more thing, as I mentioned using HCG from the start of Week 1 to prevent testical atrophy should I go with that? Or start after ceasing Eq?

Look 16 weeks of test at 500mg/week is not insubstantial. You said you’ve run it before so know what to expect. I wouldn’t run the HCG for 16 weeks. I’d use it for the 6 weeks from stopping EQ to starting pct. otherwise yes, looks ok. I’m not commenting on the Tren, I’m sure other guys with Tren experience will chime in.


Thanks for the input…i ran 500 mg test for 10 weeks and 750mg for the last 6 weeks during my last cycle, I gained around 18 lbs ,lost 6 after coming off…
Does AI dosing look good? Last time I messed up my e2 was taking 1mg/3week…

The advice on HCG should be to do it before serms. It works pretty quickly in my experience. I would just run it after the EQ. I would use a ramp up approach if it is me. So for example, if you are running something like 200 iu EOD during cycle which is okay to do, then when you stop EQ, bump it up to 300 iu, then when you stop the test, bump up a 100 iu per week until you get to 500 iu EOD. This will lower chances of e2 issues. Then right before serms, drop it. Should have your balls nice and plump and ready for recovery.

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Thanks mate!
I am thinking to run HCG after I cease EQ as advised by @mfezdro also I was going through a thread which said as per one of best TRT doc in the US start HCG 250iu twice a week from week 1 itself…
What approach you guys seem sound?

Running HCG with the EQ might work as it’ll also promote some aromatisation which EQ can cause problems with. I wouldn’t run it for 20 weeks though but that’s just me, I’m not a huge fan of how I feel on HCG but it has its place. I don’t think you’ll create problems so run it, if anything happens drop it. I don’t take AI so have no idea what you’ll need at 600mg test/week. The EQ might negate any need. Personally I’d keep it on hand along with nolva and only use if needed.

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Sounds like a plan!! Thanks mate… Will update the progress once started

Im glad the PCT suggestions on this site are starting to change by moving away from the 2 weeks between last test shot and PCT start time.

As suggested, 4 weeks after last test shot and I would say 5 weeks after EQ. To be honest, I’d only use EQ if i was on TRT due to its long clearance time.


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Do not do this. EQ has been shown to absolutely crush e2. This happens in a lot of users. Not all users, mind you. But if you start out using an AI then you won’t know if you’re demolishing e2 with your AI or if it’s from the EQ. Start at 0 and only add it when you know you need it, i.e. when blood work says so.


Yup got it👍… Once I do the blood work mid cycle will take AI if required
Thank you


=145lbs! and also you can’t bench 2 plates yet.??
Yeah tough love time: this is totally fucking retarded.
There are loads of kids in the beginners section beyond this, you are nowhere near the level of needing gear and a BILLION miles away ffrom having to consider Tren.

If hormone levels are messed up from drug abuse consider TRT nothing more. Run through Tnation and or 5/3/1 templates as below push it hard and eat a ton of whole food. Thats it…


I would like to see a pic. Your lifts are good for 66 kg, which could mean you’re not that tall and in good shape or you’re still too skinny.

In my opinion you should not run tren right now. I don’t think it’s necessary and remember that after tren there’s nearly nowhere to go steroid wise and it’s extremely harsh on an eventually pre damaged body.

Since your goal should be to gain weight anyways I’d rather skip the tren.

I like your progress. I myself gained 20 kg BW until now which is only 4 kg more than you did but you are still at 66 kg which screams that there is substantial natural potential being thrown away.