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Test/Tren/Drol Cycle Advice?


Hey guys. Currently running test/tren/anadrol. This is what my cycle looks like.
Test Cyp- 375mg/ week 1-12
Tren Ace- 225mg/week 1-8 (might extend to 10)
Anadrol- 100mg Ed 1-6, (upped dose to 125-150 a few days (75-100 pre workout) but experienced bad sides. Went with using 50mg/ day split dose 25/25)

All ancillaries on hand and pct covered.
Only ones I’m currently taking-
.5 adex ED
Guanfacine ER (BP regulation)

My question is, at 100mg drol I went from 194-204 the first week, presumably water weight. After dropping the dose to just 50mg I’ve had little to no weight fluctuation in two weeks. I’ve been on for 3 weeks but I was out for about a week because the drol headaches were so debilitating I couldn’t lift sh!t. As far as weight could it be the tren and the water weight coming off? On a side note, I just don’t feel as if 50mg is doing much for me, so I’m thinking of either dropping the drol completely or adding it to the last 4 weeks of my cycle. I want to raise the tren to some extent, so I’m asking what dosage would be the best and what to do in this situation. (Im open to anything up to 450mg/wk).
Thanks in advance y’all.

Diet is on point
280g protein
4200 calories
450 carbs