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Test / Tren / Deca / Dbol Cycle


Alright, we I finished my first cycle of Test E / Tren E ( I know, dumbass move to run Tren on a 1st) but I kept the dose low and got no sides other than it was a little hard getting to sleep at night. I ran it for 12 weeks. Below is the cycle.

Wk 1-12 : Test E 450, 220 mg E3D (540 mg wk)
Wk 1-12 : Tren E 200, 100 mg E3D (200 mg wk)
Wk 1-12 : Adem .50mg EOD

Wk 14-18: Nolva 40/40/20/20

Good gains in both strength and mass. Went from 5'11 and 197 to 220lbs at my heaviest and dropped back down to 212lbs. I was very happy with the gains and had NO sides other than a bit of an issue getting to sleep and slight irritability. I'm already planning my next cycle and am looking at the following:

Wk 1-12 : Test E, 350 mg E3D (700 wk)
Wk 1-12: Tren E, 200 mg E3D (400 wk)
Wk 1-6: Dbol, 60 mg ED
Wk 6-12: Deca ?????

My question is if I were to work in Deca for my last 4-6 weeks of the cycle, is that okay ad how much?
Also, how would I work in the HCG to the cycle?
Is Tren and Deca together a No-no?


Wk 14-18 : Nolva or Clomid 40/40/20/20
Will have Letro on hand

Thanks for the input!


Deca wont do shit in weeks 6-12 and it is not a good idea to run it to week 12 if you're running a 12 week cycle . Deca takes longer to clear your system before you can start pct. Think 3-4 weeks.

If you have joint issues it might be worth it to try deca out around 100mg for week 1-10 to see if it relieves them.(this is something I plan to try; read an article by bill roberts about this) If not I doubt it is worth it for this cycle. Also get some caber or bromo as a just incase..read up on that if you don't recognize the names.

Not comfortable commenting on some of the other stuff so I'll leave it there for someone else.


Thanks for the input. I've heard of using Deca for the end of the cycle for the joints I just didn't know how much and for how long. I did get a bit of joint soreness from my last cycle. I will look into the bromo.


Drop the Deca and you'll be pretty good.


Okay, I'll ditch the Deca. Does that look like a good bulking cycle to you?


You have well over a gram of gear, are using one of the strongest AAS known to man, and using a good dose of Dbol for a month and half. If you can't grow off this cycle its because you didn't eat or train.


Lol. Good shit!