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Test/Tren/DBol with No AI


Team Gear,

About to run 8 weeker 500mg TE/week, 350mg TA/week and 210mg Dbol/week.

Going to wait till late in the cycle to decide on whether to stasis/taper or SERM.

Simply cannot get access to Letro or Adex but do have nolva FWIW.

Have used dbol at 40mg/day for 6 weeks before with winny with no gyno but do bloat massively in the face when running either dbol or drol (even on a very low carb diet and using nolva).

Consequently, would prefer to keep this 'bloat' under the radar!

Never used Test or tren before (I know flame me but I've got the gear in my hands and its a bit like saying to your girlfriend I'm only going to stick it in a little bit sweety).

Therefore, this is where I could use your expertise guys; if I run the DBol should I simply take it day by day with regards to gyno and bloat and drop immediately if one or the other appears/gets out of hand?

FWIW I have access to other AAS.

Goal; lean mass

Training style; DC (currently 5 weeks into first blast)

Diet; very high protein (2-2.5 g/lb BW) and low to very low carb as I have poor insulin senstivity.

Stats; 195Lbs 5'10"

10 training years but predominantly obsessive compulsive extreme high volume garbage (thank you dante!!)

Thank you in advance guys.


Dbol by itself doesnt cause too much gyno in even those that are prone - but add it to either Test or a 19-Nor and it will likely cause big problems in the exact same person.
Add both and you have a cycle that will massively increase estrogen production and effectiveness.
Drol by itself will not cause much in the way of estrogen related problems either - but add it to Test and you will have one of the worst stacks WRT estrogen/gyno that is possible.

This is supposed to point out that -

will set you up for a fall seeing as you are also running two other compounds that effect hormones in different ways - one of which is a long estered drug staying in your body at high doses for at least a week after injecting, and all 3 having synergy with each other in positive AND negative ways (it is a favourite stack of mine FWIW).

Not running an AI where you have; Estrogen aromatized from Test, the higher amount of EstraDIOL aromatized from the dbol PLUS the affinity tren has for the progesterone receptor - which may just be enough (even with little to no activity at the receptor [IMO]) to increase the effectiveness of the estrogens - which in turn will increase prolactin further suppressing the HPTA and inhibiting libido... and you begin to see why an AI may be helpful.

I find i extremely difficult to believe you can get test, tren, dbol and other AAS but no adex.
For a start Tren is not made by HG pharms, only UGLs - which means that you or a supplier can either get in the raw powder or vials - meaning that the raw powder of anastrozole or a small 30ml bottle of it is just as easily attainable.

Try harder. I recommend an AI - i say this as i KNOW what happens to me when i drop the AI when running Test, Deca nad Dbol or Test and Tren - i get gyno. Simples.



Running a cycle with test Prop, Tren, and D-bol. What would you suggest Adex or letrozole?


How do you not have access to an AI? There are plenty of chemical research sites that you can purchase them from.


I believe it is because of his location.


Yes thanks guys. It is because of my location.


If I can't find an AI I'm obviously going to have to drop diana (arghhhhh). Is there something you would recommend to use instead? Masteron perhaps but I don't want to lose my hairline.

On this matter in anyones experience how obvious is it that androgens cause this hairline recession? I mean I read all the time that 'if you've got the gene for MPB then this or that AAS will accelerate the process'.

But, who the fook dies at 90 with a full head of hair? We all obviously have this gene but at differing speeds.


It doesnt have to be MPB that makes one lose their hair, it will often fall out by the age 90 as hair follacles die etc.. rather than DHT mediated effects in the scalp.

For some just one cycle will make them notice a little hairloss - for others it will be 10 cycles - for some it will not occur.. are you susceptable? I decided long ago after realising i had the gene, to just concentrate in what i wanted most - bodybuilding or hair. Bodybuilding won without a second thought and i would rather shave my head when i need to, than use that fucking crap finasteride. I digress..

Test, Tren and dbol will have an effect on your hairline if you are so inclined - didnt you know that?
Plus masteron is a wholly different drug to dianabol, why would that be the choice to change it with? The results will be stunningly different.

What about Turinabol at ~50mg/day? It will help build muscle but doesnt aromatize, the end result may be close to the end result with dianabol.. I think that just Test and Tren would be sufficient - i have done it and it is a favourite cycle of mine now.

I personally would not run test alone without an AI - let alone Test and Tren... JMO.



like what was already said if you can get the other things you can get adex. if all it was you can get was test prop and tren then I would understand because there are other ways to obtain these besides raw powder.
the fact you can get dbol says you have a source that has a powder source he can get adex

I know this for a fact.
ask your source Im sure he can come up with it.


Get an AI, you will need it. There is nothing funny about leaky nipples and a limp dick. Happy juicing :slightly_smiling:

Edit: Waylander, looking thick!


I would recommend you run your DBOL with TA for a 4-6 week cycle, since both are harsh short acting compounds, if any gyno issue pop up, you can control it with nolva. Run your Test-e by itself for a seperate cycle, and use nolva for that too. Just like brook sadi, test + dbol = high gyno risk.

Also as for AI solutions, depend on where you are in new zealand, and your age. It is possible to obtain AI through certain "anti-aging" clinics, via off label prescription. You can also get Test-E and HGH prescrbied too. It is more expensive than blackmarket prices, and in limited supply.


You can use nolva for estrogen management on cycle.

An AI is WAY better, but nolva will work.


I guess the suggestion in your first paragraph is in the case that the OP cannot obtain an AI? If he is able to get an AI, the three compounds (Test, Tren, dbol) together is a potent mix that many have given rave reviews.


how would that work aside from preventing gyno?

It's not going to stop the aromatization so he will still have all the sides of high estrogen minus the gyno.

I guess you're right though, better than nothing. I still wouldn't risk it though hah


He will still have the prostate, and the moodiness etc.

But if his test rates are high enough it will not be a huge problem.

He will not have gyno obviously, and hes not going to blow up like a balloon.

Nolva cant eliminate water retention, but it can take a good swing at it.

Ive run with nolva before, its not as good but it works.


Thanks for all the replies guys. Much respect for what I have learnt here. Look forward to giving my .02 when my experience allows.

Anyway fooking great news I've found 50 x 1mg adex. Mind, it did cost 7x what a vial of test was! But, geez I've wanted to run this combo for a while!

Now me being my perfectionist self I want to run this for the most optimal period, recover and get back on again. Consequently, here is what I am thinking;

Run the test E for 6 weeks (E3D) - already frontloaded 600mg day one
Tren A for 7 weeks (ED)
Dbol for 7 weeks
Proviron 25mg/d for weeks 5-7

My question is I obviously don't want tren dick so would the remaining test over weeks 6-8 with dbol and a little proviron be almost definitely enough to prevent this in your opinion?

And, is this cycle length a little too short bearing in mind I have enough 'gear' to see me through a few ice ages?

Currently into second week and increased approx 4 lbs, appetite has slightly decreased (due to tren i guess but not anywhere near the decrease I got when I took anadrol). But, fuck me these boners have got to stop! Feel like rooting holes in the ground.

Thank you in advance


yeh the remaining test from the test E will be enough to stop tren dick

your test levels wont be at baseline for about 2 weeks after your last injection of test E so you should be able to run Dbol and Tren A 2 weeks longer than your test E and still be fine

ideally you want to time it so you stop tren A and Dbol 1-2 days before you start PCT as they leave the system very quickly

Dbols half life is something like 4.5 hours, cant remember Tren A but its less than 48 hours, find out before you start PCT and time it accordingly

keep us posted on the progress of your cycle, i want to run something very similar soon :slightly_smiling:


Great news:)
I used to be able to get AI from an northshore clinic , indirectly. :slightly_smiling:

Just make sure you use AI during your PCT at a reduced dosage. A lot of people report the so-called estrogen rebound. What it really means is that exo-test still linger around in the body, and estrogen level are still elevated 3-4weeks after last injection.


Really? What exactly is it that causes 'Tren-Dick'?


Looks good. Great that you got your hands on an AI. You might want to continue the tren ace and dbol through week 8 since you shouldn't start your PCT before week 9 when test e serum level will be adequately low. Like brentcozi said, simply leave a couple of days between your last trenn ace shot and dbol ingestion and the start of PCT.