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Test, Tren, Dbol Stack Q&A


Good day fellas. My first post. So I’ll try to reassure you I’m no troll.

Age: 32
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 208lbs
Bodyfat: 16%

Squat: 340lbs *3
Bench: 290lbs *3
Deadlift: 420lbs *3

Cycle history:
first Dbol in the teens… (2002)
second test e 500/week 1-10 (2007)
third test e 500/w deca 300/w dbol 20/ed (2009)
forth test c 500/w tren e 200/w (loved it!) (2012)

Working out for 6 months straight, after a years “lay-off”, due to a bad shoulder injury (car accident). Not used any AAS for the last 3 years…

At the moment I’m focusing on eating a tonn of food. Whole food! Not really into macros, but I’m easily getting 250 protein, and well over 300-350 carbs… lots of fiber… fats - don’t really care!

Planning on starting a cycle in a couple of months…

Please advise, as I can’t make my mind on the amount of tren e to test c!

Option A.)
1-10 Test C @ 500mg/week
1-10 Tren E @ 200mg/week
1-6 Dbol injectable @ 20mg/preworkout
1-10 Arimidex @ .5mg/eod
Caber on hand

Option B.)
1-10 Test C @ 250mg/week
1-10 Tren E @ 500mg/week
1-6 Dbol injectable @ 20mg/preworkout
1-10 Arimidex @ .5mg/eod
Caber on hand

Option C.)
1-20 Test C @ 500mg/week
6-15 Tren E @ 200mg/week
18-22 Winny @ 30mg/ed
1-20 Arimidex @ .5mg/eod
Caber on hand

My PCT is top notch… never had an issue here!

!these are days not weeks!
1-17 HCG @ 1,500IU / eod
1-25 Proviron @ 50mg / ed
1-30 Clomid @ 100mg / ed
1-45 Nolvadex @ 40mg / ed
1-45 Aspirin @ 100mg / ed with Nolva as it help from blood-clotching…

Please! Don’t tell me about the pct, and how it’s really f@cked up… Comment on the options I listed… what do you think is best for the wanted result?

My PCT is done by a competetitive powerlifter/competetive boydybuilder with a doctrate in Endocrinology…

Thanks people!


Your PCT sucks. Sorry to hear that your friend has both a doctorate in Endocrinology AND very limited knowledge regarding PCT. That’s not a depressing combination.

It also sucks that you’re so small, weak, and fat after running so many cycles. That has to be frustrating, and even embarrassing for you. I can’t imagine having run 4 cycles, and still not being at a level that most natural athletes can attain.

You may have noticed at this point that you won’t be getting any advice from me. You seem to already know it all, and you have a ‘competitive powerlifter/bodybuilder’ assisting you. You should ask him which cycle would be best. I’m sure he knows what’s best for you.