Test/Tren/Dbol Log

I am finally starting the cycle I proposed a few months back and will be keeping a log on my progress and the effects I experience.


Age: 25

Height: 6 ft

Weight: 205

Body composition: 12%

Current best gym lifts:

Squat: 445 (recent PR)

Bench: 335 (recent PR)

Deadlift: 530 (been stuck here a while)


Increase strength

Training experience:

Started playing with weights at 16 and then moved to bodybuilding type training from 20-23. I have been training as a powerlifter for the last year and a half using a westside barbell inspired conjugate method with 2 DE days and 2 ME days a week.

Cycle history:

I have one cycle of Test Enanthate under my belt 660 mg/week for 10 weeks. roughly 7 months ago I believe my test was underdosed but still made exceptional gains and continued to progress through a successful PCT.


I am upping both my protein and carbs and actually lowering my fat intake significantly for this cycle macros are as follows

Carbs: 380

Protein: 430

Fat: 80

Calories: ~4000/day

I have been practicing eating this way all week and have found it surprisingly easy to hit these numbers especially if I eat the same thing everyday.

Cycle made some changes since the proposal:

Test Enth: 250/wk Friday and Monday doses Wk 1-10 home brewed a beautiful gold color

Tren Ace: 350/wk ED Wk 1-10 doses home brewed a very red color, looks gorgeous

Dbol: 40 MG ED Wk 1-4

Adex: 0.25 ED Throughout cycle

HCG: 250 IU M/W/F Wk 3-PCT

IGF-1: On hand but not sure if I will use it

Letrozole: on hand but not sure if I will use it

Prami: on hand

PCT: Nolva/Clomid 4 wks 40/40/20/20 100/100/50/50 I also purchased some triptorelin I am going to read more into this and may or may not try it.


The goodies arrived today, me and my training partner went to pick them up, all injectables are home brewed and looked incredible I can already feel myself getting stronger holding on to my new vials and baggy of Dbols. We rushed back mixed the enth and ace together and injected right after out preworkout consisting of dbol and protein shake, some people do not like injecting but I really enjoy my injection ritual and watching the chemicals go into the muscle.

I know I should not be feeling things working yet except for the dbol but a nice wave of aggression and focus hit me on the drive to the gym we were training at that day.

DE squat day:

225+40 pounds of chain weight for 12 sets of 2

We both got a wild hair to go for a heavy 5

315X5 345X5 365X5

They all felt pretty easy but we decided to stop there and keep things dynamic

Low box to high box jump: squat down to a 12 in box let things kind of relax then jump up to a higher box

6 sets of 5


Hyper extensions:

45lb plateX15X15X15X14

Good mornings


Hanging leg raises


All the sets felt great and as I was leaving the gym I noticed i had a pretty big pump in my arm which I can only imagine was from the 40 Mg of Dbol.

9/29/2012 day 2

Took my second shot today and my Dbol dose and went in to do some rehab work on my hamstring and a little extra assistance work. I had suffered a grade 2 pull in my hamstring about a month ago and aggravated it again deadlifting 2 weeks ago. Oddly it does not bother me to squat, only when I hinge my hips way back with heavy weights (GM’s and deadlifting mainly.)

Speed puls 30%:

185 12 sets of 3

I have been doing light deadlifts after my DE squat day just to reinforce technique until I feel that I can pull heavy again

Hamstring curls:

4 sets of 20 very light

Moderate intensity cycling:

20 minutes

Static stretching:

Hip Flexors



Lower back

The ace goes in real smooth, I did not get that wave of agression like I did yesterday from the orals which leads me to believe it was a placebo effect from just starting a cycle again.

Good shit looks like a fun cycle!

Really should be, my two training partners are on the same cycle and we are very close in strength and body comp, the only thing that differs is our nutritional strategies. It will be interesting to see how the tren responds to the nutritional variation.

whats the variation?

[quote]beefcakes wrote:
whats the variation?[/quote]

Me and one other are very meticulous and calculate everything the other just eats by feel.

My intake: I eat the same thing at the same time in the same amount every day

Protein: >400 grams

Carbs: ~360

Fat ~80

Partner A: Carb cycler, High end is on max effort days, medium on DE days, and low on off days

Protein: 250-300

Carbs: 100-600

Fat ~120-180

Partner B: Does not count anything eats whatever whenever until he is full so his macros vary from day to day. His body fat is a little higher than ours and he does not plan to change his nutrition, he will be the most interesting to watch.

That’s cool man that should be interesting. Me and my buddy run the same cycles and its kinda fun seeing who will get stronger or bigger and stuff like that


Some things me and my wife noticed this morning:

  • Definitely started shedding hair a little bit, this happened last cycle and everything grew back in.

  • My wife said my body odor is different and upon smelling my underarms I did notice the flavor was a bit different.

  • Training partner told me he is sweating already and had a dream of killing someone last night.

    • He started his tren 5 days ago

Sounds fun man, looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Sounds fun man, looking forward to seeing how this works out for you.[/quote]

Been meaning to link this to you


If you are gonna be in the area in late November early December.

DE bench today:

Had to workout alone today still had a good one though.

A. Bench sets:

205+45 LBS chain weight

9 sets of 3

-Speed was really good on all these, I was cracking the bar at the top every rep with every grip.

225X3 W/ Chains

245X3 W/Chains

255X3 W/Chains

-I always do something like this on DE days just to put something somewhat heavy in my hands and really try to focus on technical flaws I have been having

B. Overhead press



  • I am notoriously shitty at this lift and hate it with a passion, this is confusing to me because I am a decent bencher but cannot overhead press to save my life.

C. Vbar rows super super set with incline dumbbell press

Vbar rows:

6 25 pound plates on the bar do 8 reps strip one off and repeat until I am out of plates, 4 sets of this

  • These really test your conditioning a bit and have really put a lot of meat on my traps and has really helped my bench and deadlift in the past.

Incline Dumbbell press



D. Assistance 4 sets of 12-20 for each exercise


Face pulls

Rear delt flies

  • Gear notes
  • I have been taking the 40 MG of DBol about 1.5 hours before I workout and have been really liking the effect, it makes me feel good agressive is the only way I can explain it

  • Do not think the tren is kicking in gym wise yet but I did notice I was starting to get pissed off at the people at the commercial gym I was training at. Whenever someone asked me what the chains are for I pictured myself taking a set off the barbell and whipping them at there face. Not something that I would usually think.

Wouldn’t you want to take the Dbol before workout? I always found it to work very well that way. Any particular reason why you take it after workout?

[quote]Hilldog wrote:
Wouldn’t you want to take the Dbol before workout? I always found it to work very well that way. Any particular reason why you take it after workout?[/quote]

Typo, just edited it.


Recovery day from training, I did play some volleyball and shot some hoops for a little while and noticed I did feel a bit more heavy and seemed to spend a little more energy jumping around. Not necessarily a bad or good feeling, just a feeling. My nipples were on fire at the end of the day, my AI dose is 0.25mg/day, to say the least I thought that would be more than plenty to keep the estrogen low enough to combat elevating prolactin, I upped the dose another .1 putting me at .35/day.

have you used tren before? it will make you feel heavy for sure.

[quote]lens_d wrote:
have you used tren before? it will make you feel heavy for sure.[/quote]

This is my first go with tren and any type of oral AAS. The heaviness is an odd feeling, I was attributing it to water weight from the Dbol.


Took my 5th shot of the ace today, I have just been rotating my quads and glutes this round and made it back to the first site today, not a whole bunch of pain but I fear I may have to de-virginize my delts soon. I am not looking forward to feeling the PIP in my upper body.

I did not sleep the best but slept well and just felt really good and energetic all day today. The only annoyance was on my lunch break I like to shoot hoops and have an active job and whenever I started to move a bit my body would get very warm and I would start to sweat, I do not mind the warm feeling it is actually quite pleasant and seems to make me wanna move faster, the sweat is a different story I might have to start packing another shirt to work. Nips still burned a little today but not as bad.

I had ME lower body today and opted to go with squats on a 10" box with 65 pounds of chain weight for a 3 rep max.



-Stopped here they really started to fell ugly, I was not making as big of jumps as I should have been and the volume kinda crept up on me, a PR none the less.

Assistance work went well work capacity still seems high.

Time to eat

tren will warm you up for sure and make you sweat like a basterd. Night sweats were bad for me had to change pillows and sheets often, never had isses sleeping though. loosing cardio is the worst part of tren.

All that said I cant wait to use it again


Really struggled to get to sleep last night and the nipples are still burning, I am going to start taking my prami today starting at just under .3MG and if the burning nips continue I may have to resort to the letro but will only use that as a last resort. All of my research chems came with this goofy pump and make it incredibly hard to measure out so all dosages for ancillaries are give or take .1MG .

Today, I felt the tren warmth again and personally like it as it is starting to get cold in this neck of the woods right now. The lack of sleep last night put me in a fuzzy state all morning and afternoon but once I hit the gym the chains came off it was only supposed to be a mobility and GPP day but after foam rolling I felt like picking up some weights so i did some speed pulls and was moving the bar a little quicker than normal, I then moved to some calf work and light quad extensions to move some blood around.

It is odd, I am not a huge fan of olympic lifts and have never noticed a direct correlation between me getting stronger at them and my competition lifts going up but for some reason on cycle I always want to do clean and jerks and snatches. So rather than doing GPP I grabbed a barbell and loaded it with a couple plates and did clean and jerks till I felt I could no longer press the weight for 4 sets.

With this prami I hope to get a decent nights rest tonight and PR on some max effort pressing tomorrow.

Time to eat