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Test Tren Cycle


hey everyone.
this is my second cycle.
first was 750 mg test per week for 12 weeks. worked very well no side effects.
now looking into a second cycle.
looking for some opinions.

i am 29 270#'s
from my research. i am thinking something like this.

test 750 mg per week. running 1-12 weeks.
tren 50 mg eod or 3 times per week. running 1-8 weeks.
winny 25mg ed running 1-8 weeks (to avoid prog buildup)
t3 25 mg ed running 1-8 weeks.
hcg .250 mg twice per week.
ai letrozole 1-8 weeks.
aromison 8-12 weeks.

ten days off.
hcg .500 iu ed for 10 days.
followed by 6-8 weeks of nolvadex.

how should i dose my letro?
do you have any other recommendations?


do you have liquid letro or pills?




that makes your life a bit easier then. It's a little easier to dose when it's liquid.

I would think at 750 test you could get away with 0.25mg eod


that's exactly what i was thinking. should I run letro the full 12 weeks or switch after i am finished with tren? from my research it seems letro will do better with the prog/prol sides but only while on tren. since its acetate i should be able to switch right to aromasin after discontinued use of the tren correct ? my body did really well with the aromasin previously.

last question.. is dostinex necessary? or just a recommendation. looking through this site I cannot find a post where some one used this with tren.


alright perfect, exactly what i was thinking.


Don't run hcg during pct, hcg is suppressive...


skip the hcg? every site i read recommends it for pct.


It's just semantics.

You don't have to wait for 10 days to start HCG. Start it while the test is clearing then begin the SERMS after your last shot.

Run the aromasin while using HCG as well.


so still run hcg but run .5 of aromasin ed for the ten days til i switch to my serm?


I have NEVER ran Tren but I've read it is best if you run Tren higher and test lower. I'm sure you have your reasons why you selected your dosages for this next cycle but you asked for opinions; when I decide to run Tren A I'm probably going to run it around 3:1.


yes thank you. I seen that as well. the main reason i am running the test so high and the tren so low. is one my body loved that level of test and i had a very good response from it. also it is because this is my first time with tren and i have no idea how my body is going to respond to it. so if i have to discontinue usage with the tren. i want to be able to continue with the test for the remainder of the cycle. I am also going off of the research I have done. I am also using this for reference.

trenbolone Handbook:

Always run atleast 500mg test with trenbolone

Always used trenbolone ace and shoot ED

Always use between 40-80mg ED and no more or less

Always run ATLEAST 25mg winstrol ED with trenbolone to avoid prog buildup

Always run Dostinex - cabergoline - low dose at minimum while using trenbolone...about 1mg divided per week

Always use low dose T3 while on trenbolone (25mcg ED) since trenbolone supressed t3 levels which leads to prolactin buildup...t3 supresses prolactin

Always use cranberry extract to save kidneys

Always keep protein intake at 2.5g per lb bodyweight while on trenbolone or higher

Always train heavy while using trenbolone for maximum gains

Always choose letro over aromasin and arimidex when using trenbolone since it will offset prog/prol sides much better...but only when using trenbolone

Always avoid carbs and heavy cals before bed to prevent night sweats..prot only

Always drink atleast 1.5 gallons water everyday...more is better


^interesting you're using winni with tren.... i mentioned that a while back in reference to deca, and everyone thought i was a loon.

i believe the theory is, stanzozol can bind to the progesterone receptor without activating it... you might want to run that a week longer than the tren.


I WILL save that info for reference as I want to run Tren in the near future based on feedback I've heard regarding Tren usage

Just a thought, Maybe not for this cycle but for future.. You could use Tren A ED and build up the dosages according to how you are dealing with sides. If you don't react well to the drug you could easily dump it and the short esther compound would clear your body pretty quickly


hmmm. good suggestion.


yeah true very true. If I do well with it. i may bump it to ed,depending. I really want to keep this semi mild for my first cycle. Tren seems to be a beast and from what I have read and people who i have talked to about their personal cycles. pretty much orgasm about how great it works. I will keep a very detailed diary when i start. i plan on starting dec 1st. so i can finish my research and tweak everything til its perfect.