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Test Tren Cycle


What I have planned..

I've been a member on this board a couple years but I have pictures of myself on my other account. So I don't want to propose a cycle with those floating around. I want to run Test E Tren A & dbol; I've read alot of the old post and they just seem to contradict on the TE to TA ratios.

MY goals are to put on some size and lean a little. So I was thinking of running test on the higher side and Tren on lower, I'm 23 6'3 240 and really value you guys opinion.

Was Thinking about

Week 1-10 Test Enanthate (500mg/wk) Frontload

Week 3-12 Tren A (350mg/wk)

Dbol 3-5 & 10-12 (40mg ED)

Pct Nolva (40/40/20/20)


you should be pinning tren ace ED, test prop which also requires pinning ED should be used

do you mean tren e?


Tren a at 50 mg ED


Why should prop be used over enan? curious.

The cycle looks good to me. You should see good gains in size and strength. It would be smart to have caber and an AI on hand as well.


Tren ace is preferred over enth because of the fact that not everyone can tolerate tren and the half life of ace is alot shorter than that of enth.
example if some sides get too bad and you just cant stand it anymore then you can cut the tren ace and within a few days it will be out of your system,with the enthanate you will have to wait a few weeks,and suffer through it.

if you already know how you will react to tren then I prefer enthanate because you pin alot less and what sides do come along seem to be a bit smoother so to speak.
ace is more controllable.
and an AI should be used with any compound that is aromatizable,Ie test or Dbol ect
also with the tren the prolactin/progesterone induced gyno has a hard time forming without the higher estrogen.
so by controlling the estrogen by using an ai in any cycle using test you are far less likely to have any other sides pop up


He asked about test prop vs test e.

Testosterone can be used interchangibly. The only reason to choose one over the other is personal preference. Although, there is more testosterone in 100mg of test prop vs 100mg of test e, most people dont worry about this. But obviously it makes sense to use the shortest esters if your cycle is short in duration. There is a cutoff as to how short a test E cycle should be, IMO.


sorry I missed the prop,and thought op was asking about tren.... time to read a little closer I guess


do you have a source for this? never heard that before

so basically if you ran a high tren low test cycle (low meaning a replacement dose of test), no need to worry about either kind of gyno?


if you google you will find tons of info
here is one source I have read
According to research cited in (20), prolactin may have a direct stimulatory effect on mammary tissue development, but only in the presence of high estrogen levels:

The presence of mild hyperprolactinaemia is therefore not uncommon in patients with estrogen excess. Significant primary hyperprolactinaemia, on the other hand, may directly stimulate epithelial cell proliferation in an estrogen-primed breast, causing epithelial cell proliferation and gynaecomastia.

So rather than focusing solely on lowering prolactin levels which may be elevated in users of aromatizing androgens, attacking estrogen should be the first line of action.
source: (20) Ismail AA, Barth JH.Ann Clin Biochem 2001 Nov;38(Pt 6):596-607

and no.. you still need to worry about gyno and estrogen should be controlled just like any cycle using test,with lower estrogen there is less of a worry.
however gyno is not the only side effect,you have insomnia, night sweats, rapid heart rate, anxiety,high blood pressure and a loss of libido.
you wont have all of these at once you may have 1 or some or none at all,but the sides that do show up seem to be lessened with the high tren/low test combo