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Test/Tren Cycle


Before I say anything, it seems many people prefer tren ace over tren e. I am aware that injecting ED gives more stable hormone levels and generally helps keep tren's sides at bay. However, injecting ED is not practical or possible for me, if anyone really cares to know I would be glad to elaborate, but if you're just going to say "screw tren e, use ace", please don't waste your breathe.

With that being said, I will have 3 10mL bottles of Test cyp (200mg/ml) and 2 10mL bottles of Tren E (100mg/ml). Therefore I was thinking:

Wks 1-10
600mg Test Cyp (300mg Mon and Thurs)
200mg Tren E (100mg Mon and Thurs)
0.5mg Adex EOD

PCT (wks 13 and on)
Nolva 50/40/40/20/20
Clomid 150/100/50

As far a dopamine antagonist for prolactin issues, my source told me he would throw in some bromo for me at no extra charge. For arguments sake, let's say I don't have any. I would get prima from a research lab (doing research on which is most reputable, any suggestions are welcome). I was thinking 0.25mg 2xWk.

This is a future cycle (starting in May), so I have time to acquire more ancillaries if need be. Obviously, I would like as little water retention as possible, if upping the adex dose will help with this I would be willing to do that.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated

This will be my second cycle, first was 400mg/wk test cyp for 8 weeks. Went very well, minimal sides (didn't have any gyno issues, but I naturally sort of have puffy nipples). I didn't run any anti-aromatase first cycle, got lucky won't make that mistake again. I'm 6'1 205 bf around 10%.


I realize that your circumstances may no allow you to use tren A, but one of the reasons that Ace should be generally used is for first time users of tren. If the sides are too much for you to handle than you can stop tren A and the sides will subside much sooner as compared to tren E.

It looks like your supply will dictate what you take, but you should take the time to review some of the threads on this forum regarding a low test/high tren protocol. Many on here have used a TRT dose of test (say 200-250 mg/wk) with a high dose of tren (say 500-800 mg/wk) without the harsh negative sides associated with tren. .


You could start with .25mg adex EOD as well. Then adjust to your needs. I bumped mine up to .5mg EOD for awhile and felt like shit. Dropped back down to .25mg and it is perfect for me on 500mg/week.

Some people respond better to others, and some people are over responders.

Too much for PCT as well. Either lower the dosages or pick one. Nolva at 40/40/20/20 will be fine.

Clomid alone would be fine as well, but I am not as familiar with it and do not remember the dosages needed.

You can use both together if you want but you will need to lower the dose.

Other than that, what the guy above said. If you can't handle the sides, do you really want to be stuck with them for a few weeks?


Thanks for the good info on pct and adex.

As far as sides go, the irritability and aggression are non issue for me, im one of those people who are very difficult to upset/anger. The insomnia is my only concern.

Barring any sides, my question remains whether or not this 600/200 dosing is ok. The bottom line is I am willing to try this and if unbearable sides occur I will suck it up for a few weeks until they subside.

Pinning is my next concern. Im only comfortable shooting my delts and Glutes and I will need to inject a total of 2.5ccs twice a week


Its hard to say without knowing your goals. I wouldn't recommend Tren on your second cycle, but the standard starter dose for Tren Enanthate is 300-400mg.


As far as my goals go, Im not looking to be a massive freak. As I said, im 6'1 about 205 pounds right now w abs clearly visible when flexed. If I got to a ripped and solid 215 w this cycle I would be very happy. Perhaps that doesn't sound like much but to lose body fat and gain lean mass I think its reasonable


I agree with the recommendations above. I'd do high tren / low test and / or tren A instead of tren E in case you need to bail. I certainly would not get caught in a "traditional" high test low tren cycle with the enanthate ester.

That's not a lot of tren in your proposed cycle but I've found that when running more test than tren I often develop serious insomnia by week 3. I'm a weak sleeper to begin with so I'm sure that I'm more susceptible, but I'm talking 10-20 hours of sleep a week on cycle. Funny thing is it never affected me physically or mentally, but those long nights got pretty frustrating.

Going with low test - high tren I get my usual 5 or 6 hrs of choppy sleep a night, along with nightsweats... Easy choice for me.


How were your results w running low Tren high test?

Hmm w the gear I have on the way I might have to bite the bullet and just go for it unless my source can make some trades


Or you could just not use the tren yet, instead of "biting the bullet"

This cycle your dose of test is higher, and planned cycle longer. Just sit the tren aside until you can assess you tolerance with Tren A.

Use the 600mg of test for 10 weeks. Or shorten it to 9 weeks and frontload the first week with a double dose to raise blood concentrations faster.

Your dose of tren E is pretty low anyway. Might as well put it back for a future cycle, and eliminate the risk of getting stuck with tren sides for a few weeks.

If you "are willing to try this" go ahead though.


Thanks for all the input guys.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say I ran the proposed dose. If I ran into minimal or least bareable sides and finished it out, would that 200mg/wk of Tren not have had a profound effect on the cycle in general? The reason I chose Tren in the first place was the poitive effects it has during cutting


WHY are you cutting at only 205 and 6 foot tall? We should fix that before we talk about cycles.


  1. "Cutting" does NOT mean I need to lose 20 lbs or anything. You're generalizing.

  2. If my goal is to be a ripped to the bone 210 lbs, great. If yours is to be a 250 lb freak, great. To each his own.

thanks for your input though


You should listen to him. You're 205 after one cycle already. If you kept 15 lbs from your FIRST cycle (thus assuming you were 190 before starting), which is a reasonable amount and assumption based on the fact you said it "went well", then there is something wrong here. I didn't care enough to read, but I'm assuming if you're talking about cutting at 6'1" and 205, you are not very big at all.


This is getting ridiculous. what exactly do you expect? should i be 6'1 225 with 5% bf? come on. I see a lot of people on this board who look like they barely go to the gym and have done much harsher cycles than the one I proposed. Perhaps I misspoke when I used the word "cutting", in any case... I really fail to see how two people without any avatar posted are going to judge my physique without even seeing pictures... so here you go




Difficult to say. I get really bad insomnia and night sweats if I run high test with high tren. Ideally you would use Test P and Tren A to experiment with the doses and find out what you can tolerate.

One other thing I feel is important: I am a very calm person, it takes an awful lot to provoke me or make me angry at all, but tren has a way of making me irritable and snappy. Bear that in mind, it's a drug you have to treat with a lot of respect.


Wow, so you stole Trippdogg's avatar from anabolic minds....you're a genius.....and if you are Trippdogg....

whatever bro, you obviously know what you need, so quit asking questions and get to it. Post back when your cycles over......


I don't know why I even bother sometimes, but due to the sensitive nature and security of my employment, I cannot post pics.....

But, because I am not an asshole, I'll answer your question:
This is fine:
Wks 1-10
600mg Test Cyp (300mg Mon and Thurs)
200mg Tren E (100mg Mon and Thurs)
0.5mg Adex EOD

PCT (wks 13 and on)
Nolva 50/40/40/20/20
Clomid 150/100/50

I would prefer to see you up the Tren to at least 300mg per week. Keep in mind the other posts about the agression and anxiety it can promote. If you are already prone to things like this, keep a watch on it.

Also, if you are gonna run Clomid concurrently with Nolva, no need for an extra week of Nolva. Just drop the week of 50mg/day. Save it for the next cycle.

Have fun and enjoy the strength and put that new aggression to work for you in the gym.


time out. thanks for answering my question, but i am NOT "trippdog" and i've never been to anabolic minds. that picture 100% is me though. what is this?


imo that pct is over kill. 50mg clomid for 4-5wks and 20mg nolva 4-5wks would be fine. if needed fine frontload the nolva at 40mg for the first couple days to a wk and the clomid for a couple days. wont hurt to use higher doses but its un-needed ime, imho, and might do nothing but increase clomid sides due to the higher dose clomid.