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Test-Tren Cycle Thoughts?

I’ve run gear for a while. Just finished my first Tren A and test cycle. Quite impressive for sure.

Here’s my December cycle thoughts.

Test E (750 weekly) Pinning Sun-wed.
Tren A (200) for two weeks (leftovers)
Tren E (500 weekly)
Provision 50 ED
aromosin 25 EOD

Caber half a pill Starting week 3.

I’m going to assume you are familiar with using that much aromasin and that’s a dose that works best for you.

The only thing that stand out to me is its probably not a good idea to run back to bsck tren cycles. I’m getting close to finishing mine now and I love it my blood work looks great etc but that doesn’t mean tren is not harsh on your body. I would probably only run it at most once a year.

Needs moar thread updates!

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I’m waiting on my latest bloods to come back sense starting the var.

Something tells me my liver isn’t doing to good idk just got a hunch I should have labs back tomorrow or next day and will update :grin:

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