Test/Tren Cycle Questions

Hey y’all, question. So I started my tren cycle (first time running tren) a little while ago and I’m looking for some answers. On Wednesday, May 22, I will have been on for 4 weeks. I got a sudden strength increase week 3 but have seen nothing crazy as far as visual results. When do these typically set in? Thanks in advance for the help guys.

Here is the layout
Test cyp- 375mg/wk 1-12
Tren Ace- 225mg/wk 1-10 (start of week 4
I upped it to 375mg/wk)

Anadrol- 100mg/day wk 1-8 (okay, for the anadrol I increased the dose and went downhill from there. Week two I was almost completely out of the gym because of horrible headaches. I dropped the dose to 50mg/ day and cut the adrol off at the beginning of week 4)

I’m going to add var in at 50mg/day starting Monday to replace the drol. If anyone could comment on this I would appreciate it! Thanks.

4 weeks on tren you should be seeing something by now.

I started seeing noticeable results withing 1-2 weeks. Now I seem to notice change every few days.

What’s your height/weight /bf?

The higher body fat you are the longer it will probably take to see results (besides fat loss if your in a deficit)

Steroids don’t dictate results diet and training do steroids just aid in the results.

Diet is pretty solid m8. Training is as well. Hasn’t quite been 4 week, but I did just up the dose not even a week ago. I know the stuffs legit, but I dunno what’s going on. I’m stronger, a little bigger but nothing super obvious.

4200 calories
280 protein
450 carbs

Height- 6’
Weight- 202 (was 207 but dropped the water weight from drol)
Bf- 12-14% if I had to guess. Still have somewhat visible abs and decent vascularity.

Give it some more time.

Everyone’s different. We all have our own bread and butter stack that works best.

Youl hear some people say it’s test & dbol or test & adrol. Some love eq while others see nothing from eq.

Tren just might not be what your body responds to best. Either way you should get some gains it’s still one of the strongest steroids.

Alrighty. Thanks man, wish me luck. Kinda disappointed but it’s alright