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Test/Tren Cycle. Only Doing Cardio, Light Lifting

First time poster.

Right I’ve done around 3 cycles now with decent enough results. Test, tren, Winny was last one and looked pretty ripped for my hols. No real sides and libido absolutely fine both during and after.
I am hoping to start my next cycle for my holiday in may however I have been diagnosed as having bulging discs in my neck which has stopped any form of training. Specialist has advised no more lifting heavy or risk the consequences. I don’t fancy finding out what those consequence are as this is painful enough now.
So onto the question. This will eventually settle down but if lifting out question (certainly heavy) and I’m quite used to having a half decent physique (not as good as some on here but certainly passable on the beach) would I still get any aesthetic gains from ruining a test abd tren cycle but only really doing cardio? Will be able to do core work and leg press, leg extension, maybe some very light weights too.
Anyone had this problem before and how did they deal with it?
Any advice will be greatly apprecisted.

Firstly, a lack of side effects relating to physical manifestations doesn’t equate to a compound being safe… winny is one of the absolute worst for lipids, and has more case reports pertaining to the induction of coronary vasospams compared to other AAS.

Secondly, running tren when you can’t lift… what? It’s like the harshest compound one can take… do you’re cardio stay lean etc… optimally you wouldn’t be using anything, you’d wait for recovery however I know that can be fairly difficult (the waiting game)… try not to be too impatient and for the love of god… don’t run tren for this

For the majority of users tren deleteriously effects cardiorespiratory function, so extensive cardio might be out right off the bat…

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In all honesty I probably know the answer deep down but at 39 it’s pretty depressing to think something I’ve done and really enjoyed for so long I can no longer do.

I have ran Tren 3 times and never had any issues but I do understand the severity of it, it’s just that good though.

Recovery will come through rest and I don’t intend to do anything until I’m fully up to it I was just curious as to what or if any cycle would be suitable if I was restricted to cardio.