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Test Tren Cycle Advice?

Hi, sorry to dive in with the old Test/Tren questions but…

Age 33, 5ft 8

After gyming for a year but wanting bigger results, I embarked on an 8 week cycle of
600mg Test & 400mg Tren. At the end of the cycle I took Tamoxifen 20mg every day as an anti E to suppress losses. Made decent gains, noticeable to friends.

After a 6 week break I started another cycle, this time 750mg Test & 600 Tren, this time taking Anastrozole 1mg daily as I got sore nips on the first cycle so figured I’d need to cancel out the E this time around with the higher doses of T&T. Planning on continuing the Anastrozole after the cycle to limit losses.

I would like some views on the current cycle, I don’t seem to be making the gains I was hoping for? Any recommendations on how I can tweak it for the better?

My diet has been good with decent protein intake with a bit of beer & pizza on a Saturday nights. (Nobody’s perfect)

Side effects so far on 2nd cycle are slightly irritable, occasional night sweat, and general lethargy.

The general ‘rule’ to cycling is that time off (between cycles) should equal time on at a MINIMUM. Starting a new cycle 6 weeks after an 8 week cycle is at least part of your problem, not to mention cycling after one year (?!!??!?!?) is ill-advised at best.

Best advice I can give is to end the cycle and do a good, solid PCT (you said you weren’t really seeing any gains anyway). Train natural for a good solid year before you even think about cycling again, then when you feel nice and ready to cycle again - wait longer. During that time, DO SOME EFFING RESEARCH. Regarding both training in general (specific to your personal goals), and how to properly cycle. Find a good training program consistent with said goals, and follow it for several months. If/when you stop seeing progress physically and in the gym, tweak your diet (more research). If you have been following a program for several months and progress slows down/plateaus, make adjustments or switch to a new program.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.

And you’re 33, you shouldn’t have to be spoon fed considering the sheer volume of information available via the net.

Everything @boatguy said, and this: you’re taking 7mg of anastrazole a week? That seems like a lot. You may be lethargic because your e2 is too low. You need some estrogen to make gains and have an overall good quality of life. Go read up on the guys who crashed their e2 and look at their symptoms. They’re often times worse than having high e2.

End your cycle, run your pct, and give your body a chance to get back to homeostasis.

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This. Omfg 1m of arimidex A DAY! Stop taking arimidex. Start taking 20 mg tamoxifen a day while on cycle.

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Thanks for the replies chaps,

I will admit I embarked on this with limited knowledge, my first cycle was successful but this 2nd I upped the dose and think I’ve tried to wing and prayer it regarding on cycle anti E procedures.
I’m going to take the advice and bring this cycle to a close, at the moment I have 35 x 1mg Anastrozole. Can anyone give me some advice on the best PCT for me and let me know if I need to order some addition meds from my supplier.

Thanks again for the advice.

I would say do your pct the same as last time, but this time don’t hop back on cycle six weeks later. Most of the pct protocols can be found in the stickies. They were written out in detail to help guys get it right he first time.

Some things to consider: what esters are you running? The ester will determine when to start your pct. When was your last pin?

You should have just cruised in this case.

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

Last dose was Tuesday.

This is the test & tren I’m on.

What sort of dose should The anastrozole 1mg be taken if used for PCT? And how long after the last pin?

If its tren e it fucked with my nipples too, stick with ace, and your test shoukd be about half your tren. Eat and train like a Monster itll come! :muscle:

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Cheers for that, I’ll adjust things acordingly.

What’s the best PCT for me, ideally including the Anastrozole 1mg, as I already have this in stock.