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Test, Tren, Anavar Cycle. How to Avoid Gyno?

Hey guys so I’m starting a cycle of test/tren e and anavar and don’t even want to run the slight risk of gyno. Already have nolvadex what else is a must?

What has your research told you?

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Caber for tren. Or Letro. But both of them could be harmful to other things and my need a kickstart for your nuts. Nolvadex most likely will help almost shut down your breast from getting gyno but still not 100 % and what not.

What was your previous cycle? What’s your height/weight/bf%

Tren is an awesome steroid but it comes with a price and frankly most guys dont need it if they are just trying to lose some BF and add lean mass.

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I wouldn’t run tren without caber or hcg handy… Tren ace would have been a better call… If you get shitty sides you gotta ride it out alot longer on E. When that tren hits yur system it will shut u down hard & fast. Yur nuts will shrivel & it will feel like your nuts got used as a speed bag in Mayweathers gym. Ive made the mistake of running out of hcg on tren… Its brutal … I take .25 caber 2x a week on tren and been fine but i never run it over 3ml a week…i take .25 anastrozle 2x a week as well

If you control your e2 levels then prolactin will not be a problem.

High tren/low test has become a very popular cycle and I’ve heard of many people not running any ai/serm and having no issues.

What doses are you running?

I was thinking about 400/300 but you say that maybe you have any recommendations

Obviously everyone does react differently to these drugs and I don’t know how sensitive you are to e2 but 400mg test is fairly low so I’d imagine conversion will be low.
Caber I don’t think will be necessary.
As with most moderate dose cycles just have nolvadex on hand.
I really think it’s going to be that straight forward.

Zinc, b6 and mucana puriens all help reduce prolactin. Not sure which Ai you’re using but Aromasin also worked better for me then arimidex