Test, Tren, Anadrol

Currently running 600 test, 400 tren and 30mg pill of anadrol.
Picked up some mast, and winny. was looking at running them either with my current cycle or after. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Your probably not going to get much response because you have just put some steroids together and asked for suggestions… Its gonna give you results one way or another lol… And suggestions in terms of dosages etc is all very person specific…

So all I can say is that there is absolutley no point what so ever running mast or winny unless your abs are visiable… They are more so conditioning compounds and are best used when you are lean enough to get the “harder” look they can help create… And from the beginning of your cycle it looks like you are planning on a bulk with the Anadrol…

On a side note, might aswell ask if you have your on cycle AI, HCG and PCT sorted?

I appreciate the insight
I’m still new to this and learning
Started as trt and have been trying new things since

Make sure to run an AI, do not just keep it on hand.

I would decide whether you are bulking or cutting. If bulking, my suggestion would be to up the anadrol. Use 50 mg instead of 30.
If cutting, drop the anadrol, and use one of the compounds you have (preferably masteron. Could use the winny for that too.
But for what you are doing now, save those for next time, and up the DROL. 50 mg is still low, and i am assuming you aren’t running it more than 6-8 weeks
And like the previous poster said, make sure you have an AI. Test, tren, and drol is a potent combo to put on strength and mass, as well as potent for nipple sensitivity

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So… any AI, HCG and PCT sorted?

Post what you are thinking of running if you want help with that.

I have some proviron, using 20 mg/ day
Also using. Some peptides. 5 ui@3/day

well you changed your tune…

Do you understand what Andy is asking? I only ask cos he is trying to help you and you’ve dodged his question twice now

Proviron is cool, but it is not an AI. You should have arimidex and use it at least two or three times per week at 0.5 mg. You’ll probably have to up it from there, but don’t want to overdo it. Also, you should have nolvadex on hand for sore/ tender/ swollen Nips. Use the nolva as you adjust your AI dose up.
Going on the TEST TREN ANADROL run with out an AI or nolvadex on hand is asking for problems. Proviron is not good enough. You said you are using peptides at 5 ius 3 times a day. What peptide are you referring to?
Are you on TRT? Will you be going back to TRT dose after cycle or will you need a PCT?

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TREN ANADROL combo gave me the most gyno symptoms Ive ever dealt with. If I lightly bumped my chest on something I would flinch in intense pain due to nipple sensitivity. Lots of hormones at play, Estrogen, progesterone, prolactin… YOU NEED AN AI. Also like I said before Anadrol should be run at 50 mg plus. 50 is plenty but using it at 30 is nearly wasteful.

Not trying to dodge, I assumed ai is for keeping the estrogen down?

Max peptides GHRP is what I’m using currently

Ordered up some arimidex and nolvadex. Thanks for the heads up . Thought the proviron was enough

fun fact about proviron: it does work a little bit as an AI, but if your E gets really high then you add proviron it’ll free up even more E and make it a million times worse

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that sucks. thanks for the heads up

So it frees up Estrogen just like it frees up test? I never heard that before. Interesting

Ya, if your E is high


I’m running 1ml t400 per week and anadrol 50 mg per day, I’m not running an ai but can grab Nolva when ever. Should I be running an AI?