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Test, Tren, Anadrol Cycle

Hey guys!

Now again I’m asking for some pointers for the cycle…

Age: 29
Height:175cm (5’8)?
Weight 85kg (190lb)
Bf: 11%

Now I’m preparing on a new cycle and it will look like this:

1-12 Test E 600mg/w
1-6 Anadrol 50/75mg day
1-12 Tren Ace 300mg/w

As an AI I have Adex and some letro on hand
I was thinking Adex 0.25 e3d i don’t actually know how much tren is aromatizing in comparison to Deca, with deca 300mg/w i had enough 0.25 e3d if i took it eod i felt like shi*…

Now i dont know about anadrol i often heard that adex doesn’t so the trick but letro does…

And i took tren ace becouse i don’t know how my body will react so…

What do you think does this cycle looks all right?

P. S.
I have sorted out pct with nolva 40/40/20/20

Many thanks!


What cycles have you run already? List them out. This:

Isn’t the easiest cycle to run. This isn’t a beginner cycle. Tren is hard to handle for many, and Drol has some mystery to it as far as gyno goes. The Tren doesn’t aromatize, so you are good there. I thought nolva was the best for Drol gyno, and that AIs were not very effective? Maybe others will chime in on that?

Do you have caber on hand? You should if running Tren.

This is a bit on the weak side for a Tren cycle from what I have heard. When do you plan on starting PCT? Consider running it a bit longer, and using HCG in between the end of the cycle and the start of PCT for a better chance of recovery.

It doesn’t. At all. You need to base your AI dose on the test only.

Neither will. Anadrol directly stimulates E2 receptors not via aromatase. Not sure but I think your best bet is Tamoxifen for staving off gyno related side effects.

I’ve runned a few(5 if I’m not mistaking) test only and test dbol cycles and 2 test deca cycles. First NPP than deca durabolin.
I know tren isn’t a beginner cycle but after few cycles of thinking about it and learning i still wanna try out tren.
That’s why i got tren ace in case it is too harsh for me.

I forgot to list proviron in the tren cycle 50mg/day

I only have Liver tonic on hand(milk thristle and nac).

Pct i will start 2weeks after last test injection.

What dosage do you recommend at adrol 75mg per day not to doing more down than good.
As I’m informed tamoxifen and gear is the same as hitting gas and breake…?

Thanks guys!

Wait at least 3 weeks for Test E. At your dose, you will still likely have high normal levels at 2.

Stick with the NAC.

IMO, 100 mg is about the most you should run. I know some who run it at 100 mg, and say it is worth it. Data says it isn’t much better than 50, but users say it makes a difference at 100. I think 150 is overkill for all but the most advanced users, or maybe for a powerlifting or strongman event.

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Would be running at 600mg/day

No I’m running it at 75mg at most it’s my first adrol cycle so see what happens and how the results are overall.

I got that. I am saying research shows a drop off going from 50 to 100. 100 many still think is worth running, but much more than that doesn’t make sense for anything other than a few circumstances IMO.

Yeah, i heard that too and that sides are not as bad as if you run dbol at higher doses, so thats ok…

But still on that cycle I’m planning should be pretty good results.

50mg proviron should keep libido in tact…

Might be a better idea to just stick with the test/tren cycle, see how you fair with the tren and then add drol into a later cycle?

I know you’ve mentioned you have already used a 19nor before but tren is serious shit. Your going to get the effects of the tren pretty quickly with use of ace so an oral at the beginning probably isn’t necessary and will complicate things, especially drol.

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Actually I was allready thinking about putting the drol to the side, and now as you mention it…

What would you suggest when to put in some drol if everything goes smooth…?

I haven’t actually run it myself, I’ve just heard it can be difficult to run and with a first time tren cycle it might be a little too much. Im not sure whether it would be advantageous to run at the end of your cycle if all goes well with the tren. Someone else might be able to throw some knowledge in here.

If you run 12 weeks Tren, which you shouldnt.
Go for Tren E.

Still dont know why anyone would run Ace instead of E. Stupid.
Halflife will fuck you up more than any sides.

Edit: and get some caber.

Look only reason i will run Ace is because i don’t know how my body will react so it’s easier to get it out of the system if i can’t tolerate it so…

Yes i will get caber allso…

NAC and milk thristle isnt enough?

What exactly do you mean by this?

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No sir. All its going to do while on cycle is block the receptors in breast tissue from wreaking havoc. It has side effects as does most any drug but none of those are going to affect your cycle ‘growth/gains’.

At least with the Tren cough, the ace ester is supposedly more common and worse than the enth ester. I don’t know about the other sides.

I had one terrible coughing fit from NPP once. I mean within like 30-60 seconds of taking the shot I felt like I was in a CS gas chamber. Is it similar to that? If I remember correctly I think I heard something like injecting into a vein will do that.

The way he said it, it sounded like he wasn’t talking about the sides. Was just curious as to what he meant as I have never run it before.

Unfortunately there really isn’t a drug that can block progesterone induced gyno. There can also be a delayed gyno onset after using some gear. You either can handle adrol or you cant imo

I like the cycle altho I’d personally run the adrol for 8 weeks tapering up to 100mg the last 4 and I wouldn’t start it til week 4.