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Test/Tren/Adrol Cycle Advice?

Hey guys, new to the forum. Planning my next cycle of test/ tren/ adrol. Wanted some advice on combatting gyno. This is what the cycle looks like.

PIN ED M-F (night switch to MWF because of work, dosage will change accordingly)
-375 test/wk (up if needed) .3ml m-f wk 1-12
-200 tren/ wk (up if needed) .4ml m-f wk 1-8
-100mg Anadrol ED 1-6 (split dose 2x per day)

For gyno I have nolvadex on hand, and arimidex. (Should work for combatting any test related gyno/ adrol related gyno). However, with prolactin and progesterin effects at hand from tren, I understand use of something like cabergoline is recommended. I CAN get my hands on letro if needed but I just do not have access to caber.

My question is, what dosage should my nolvadex/ adex be at and how often? An AI should obviously be used but is the nolvadex necessary as well? As far as tren goes I’ve heard vitamin b6 at high dosages can help control prolactin/progesterin levels. Can anyone vouch for this?

That’s a long adrol run. Iv never used it but my understanding is it’s extremely toxic and really is best kept under 4 weeks.

Na adrol gyno I believe stems from the progesterone/prolactin area. I’m not 100% sure on that but do a bit more research i think you will find something similar. Also there is a lot of info about not using nolva while running tren. Something about nolva raising prolactin.

Yes you do. You have the interwebs which allowed you to comment here therefore you have acess to caber.

I don’t think it should obviously be used. That’s a relatively low test dose. How have you responded to test from previous cycles? Did you use an AI? And at what dose?

Apparently 600mg/day divided into 2 doses. My understanding is P5P is the better route to go. That’s activated b6 you can take a much lower daily dose(100-200mg) and avoid the risk that come with over dosing vitamin b6.

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As far as the caber goes, it’s just too expensive. The AI is used if I up my test dose, plus to help me stay “dry” so to speak while on cycle. (In means of retaining less water). I’ll check that active b6 out. Never run adrol before so I’m pretty new to it.
Anything else I should be worried about with this cycle?

Too expensive? My research shows that it’s cheaper than Arimidex/mg on the good end and about the same cost on the high end.

But hey, some dudes like big milky nips…to each his own I guess.

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Damn man I hate to be that guy but if you can’t afford to properly run gear then you shouldn’t be using those compounds.

Using an AI to stay “dry” is ridiculous IMO. Use short ester compounds and eat properly you will stay plenty dry.

Ya potentially a lot. Look I’m not your dad I’m not here to tell you what to and what not to use but I suggest you take a step back and research a bit more on this cycle before starting.

I’ve got letro if need be. For 100ct a high quality adex it ranges from 100 to sometimes over 120 from my source. Caber is like 100 dollars for 8 fuckin pills!

Been running gear for a little while mate. Just never in this combo. Running test cyp (longer ester) because I really like how it works(test is test nonetheless), coupled with tren Ace. Aromatase inhibitors always keep me dry for some reason. Gyno is my only worry

Time to find a new source mate!

Ya you need a new source as yubs said.

Caber isn’t cheap but you can get it from a pharmacy for like 20 pills for 60$ and you only need like 0.5 mg twice a week

You can probably find it for a bit less from a ugl