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Test, Tren, A-Dex, Clomid, - A little help please

First and formost I have read the Stickies, and I am clearly just looking for expert advice.


200 lbs
Good diet
3d cycle. I have done 2 Test only cycles of 10 and 12 weeks. in the past

I have currently been doing test for 8 weeks, and I have been scared shitless to introduce Tren into my cycle.

I have 1 10ml vile of tren
2 test E
1 test prop
30 1 mg tabs of aridex
25 mg/ 60 ml bottle of Cromid
i also have proscar, but I have not been able to find if proscar will have an adverse effect with the tren.

I am looking for some good juicehead advice as to IF I should bother using the tren, and or how I should utilize the aridex and clomid.
I dont get any gyno with test, so I have not been running anything else mid cycle, only post cycle in the past. From what i undertand running tren without an inhibitor is playing with fire.

I am looking to end my cycle with the tren if possible and test and begin PCT. Any advice fellas? a complete cycle breakdown would be appretiated.