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Test - Tren 30/70


Hey guys, i live in Denmark and once i found an article or threat that disrcibed the dose of test and tren something like, 30 / 70.
In the article/threat it was said that if you example had a cycle like this:

250mg Test E EW
750mg Tren E EW

You would have a lot less of the nasty side effects of tren than if your cycle looked like this:
1000mg Test E EW
750mg Tren E EW

You guys get my point? I fucking suck at explaining..

Well, do anyone of you have links to information about this "problem"? It would be freakin' awesome!!

Have a nice day.. Keep liftin'

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I think with tren its best to start with a 50/50 dose and assess the sides, if they are not tolerable then I would lower the test.
I think for the most part it is just specific to the person, some handle high test high tren well, some handle low test high tren better.
You have to see what works for you.


I have no links but I will tell you what I did. I honestly do not know what works better high test vs low test. If you can run high test why not? More test is a good thing in my mind.

I did test 750mg/week and tren 600mg/week it worked quite well and I had no sides. Started the test 2 weeks before starting tren and took it for two weeks after I quit using tren.