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Test Total Estrogens. Not Just E2. Read On

It’s quite common to see low SHBG guys in the 10-15 nmol/L ranges with high E2 symptoms when E2 is (example) 25 pg/mL range do to most of his hormones being free. Usually the best course of action is lower the test dosage, but that doesn’t always work since some of these guys tend to be high body fat percentage, insulin resistant and convert a lot of the test into estrogen known as a high converter.

If a guy is in the 40 pg/mL ranges and doesn’t have symptoms, it probably means liver clearance is ideal and no action be taken. However if he has symptoms of high E2 then action is needed, don’t you think?

wx14 has a lot of the symptoms I had when my E2 and test was high, shoulder acne is probably from high DHT, his levels are high and his test dosage needs to be backed off. He could forgo the AI completely and may not even need it if he lowers test dosage.

I was stating as a general rule low SHBG guys (10-15 nmol/L) need to target closer to 20 nmol/L rather than closer to 30 pg/mL do to so much of the hormones being free. wx14 is confused with my remarks about estrogen management wx14 particular problem is a different situation, estrogen isn’t always the culprit for swelling. His test dosage is too high IMO.

wx14 if you’re going to insist of pushing a Total T of 1200 you will need an AI, I assume anyone pushing those levels are doing it for building muscle if having problems and you’re not looking to lower the dosage of test. Night sweats occur when estrogen is high, at night estrogen lowers causes night sweats.

I’ll answer more later. By night sweats are caused also by low e2. Estrogen is tied directly into serotonin which is what regulates body temp.

Where are your credentials? Especially you who instead of giving your own experience gives orders on what to do with these guys on here. And with your experience not sure how you make certain statements in here when I see you on another forum asking for help because you have trouble dialing in.

We should be thankful to hear other opinions not get defensive. It’s up to the OP to decide with THEIR dr on how to proceed. this a forum to discuss ideas and experiences.

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:slight_smile: for obvious reasons I remain anonymous since I post in the pharmacy section on cycling and using other drugs. This shit isn’t worth losing it license over. I like to help when I can. I can tell you another doctor I mentored with is Eric serrano who used to write for this site and was called in front of congress for his knowledge on the use of AAS. Watch some videos on him discuss optimum estrogen.

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This is great info as well since there seems to be a big push on here to treat the thyroid right of the bat. I understand thyroid issues are seen with low hormones though.

Thyroid shouldn’t be touched until adrenal health is assessed. Usually the thyroid is overworked due to adrenals being stressed. When we treat adrenals the thyroid almost always comes back into optimal range. @anon10230041

And that’s exactly what I saw in my last thyroid lab. I hope it stays good. Anyway have a good evening all.

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You as well. Off to coach little girl soccer haha. Man. Watching your kids grow up is bonkers. Puts so much in perspective. I only want everyone on here to feel their best. It isn’t anything personal against anyone. I just feel like there’s so much misinformation out there. My wife is a cosmetic dermatologist and she goes ape shit over gps doing cosmetic injections. Just like typical docs giving out trt advice. It’s usually ass. I’ve spent my career in this field. I want to give back when I can. @anon10230041


I watched it all. Interesting video. I’m no doctor but all his studies showed that low estrogen is bad and E2 should essentially not be blocked at all by any AI.

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Correct. Your assessment is accurate :slight_smile:

How do you treat adrenals?

Start with salting your water. Limit caffeine. Add licorice root tea. Vitamin c 2 grams a day. To begin. @CrushCity1

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Is there a proper T/E ratio or is it all person specific and how they feel?? I will be put in TRT next week and my E2 is way low so I doubt I’ll be given an AI. But when is high too high? Or can it get to high? Thanks.

Tyrosine to assist with neurotransmitter synthesis?

Just finished the entire video. VERY compelling information. I think I saw you mention in another thread that less than 5% of your patients use AI.

When is AI use warranted? E2>100? Gyno?

If someone drops their AI what should they be looking for as an indicator that they may actually need it?

Tyrosine for dopamine. Make sure you’re eating carbs for serotonin

Unless you have a liver issue or are severely obese you won’t have an issue requiring one likely. Let’s see how you feel in a few weeks without an AI. Thanks for taking the time to watch.

Take no AI. It’s individual. You’ll feel better soon. Report back in three weeks after trt starts.

thank you do some ais effect different es more than others?

Wow. Just listened, thanks for sharing.

I’d be very interested in your perspective regarding the stickies. All new guys are directed there, but this video has me wondering how much of the info we share is anecdotal vs fact based.

For instance, both my son and I are cancer survivors. I’ve spent the last 15 years in the cancer world and can talk the talk because I’ve walked the walked. But, that doesn’t make me an Oncologist. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve endured stories about everyone’s 2nd cousin beating stage 4 cancer by eating blueberries and drinking green tea. Both my son and I would be dead if we followed that advice. Makes me wonder if AI’s and E2 = blueberries and green tea.

Just thinking out loud…lots to think about.

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