Test to Tren Ratio

Basically this would be my first time using tren and just curious to what you guys thought. I have done 2 cycles before. The first being 500mg of test and the second is 750mg of test and 300mg of deca. I am a powerlifter and not a bodybuilder. The big thing for me is staying in the 220 weight class. I was planning on either 600mg of test and 300mg of tren A or 250mg of test and 400mg of tren A. What do you guys thing?

I prefer a 1:1 ratio so since your using different esters 600 mg of Test E is about 450mg after ester weight so about 500mg of Tren Ace which is roughly the same in Tren after Ester weight.

So you saying 600mg of test E and 500mg of test A?

So you are saying 600mg of test e and 500mg of tren a?

Yes sir