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Test to EQ Ratio?

EQ seems to have an anti estrogen effect on a lot of people. I just read an anecdote from someone that even a 1:1 ratio caused single digit E2. What has everyone’s experience been running these two compounds, what ratios did you run and did you get lab work?

I’ll be watching this because I am currently running both at 500. Only started last week

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That’s what I’m running currently

Here is a thread I started. Watch the video from MPMD for a good theory on what is happening with estrogen.

Interesting, tempted to switch to a 1.5:1 ratio just to be safe, although I feel if this was a big issue then there would be a lot more anecdote on crashed E2 because people run EQ high as ****

I don’t know what the effects of high E1 are on the body. Maybe having high E1 is enough to keep one functional enough, even in the absence of E2. It seems that people do not have the crashed estrogen feeling on EQ very often.