Test to Anavar to PCT

If this has already been asked please feel free to link the thread but haven’t managed to find it… also if there is an obvious reason why this is not a good idea then let me know as bluntly as you like.

Is it an good/ok idea to start running anavar for 6weeks after 10 weeks of Test then run PCT???

I recently finished my second cycle 6 weeks anavar 40mg ED… got decent results and managed to come off smooth with just 10 days Nolva 20mgED…

Before this I ran the usual 500mg Test E… PCT was awful, shot HCG in the first week following cycle, 2 weeks after ran nolva 40mg ED for 3 weeks lowered it to 20mg … started getting sensitive nipples, put it back to 40 for 2 more weeks… etc… felt awful, was pissed off all the time loads of acne… all in was over 8 weeks til i was finally off nolva…

My logic is that if I can go into anavar straight from test… then PCT maybe easier??

Not a good idea. 10 weeks of testosterone will shut your HPTA down and 6 weeks of Anavar will not allow you to recover from that since it’s also suppressive. Better to do a 10 week cycle using the Test and Anavar.

Sounds like you experienced some estrogen side effects during PCT. You could try adding some Aromasin next time around. Also, leave the HCG out. If you are going to use it, use it during cycle.