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Test/Test vs Deca/Test


So I was wondering some of the advantages of using each stack in a bulk cycle.
From what I understand, Deca is better on joints and maybe a little better on mass. Tren is better for strength.

If I was to choose tren for a lean bulk would I gain less body fat? How much less mass do you think I would obtain?


What and how you bulk depends entirely on diet. Deca will put the weight on you, quality of that weight depends on what you eat and how you train. As will tren, but judging by this question I highly doubt you’re ready for it.

How much less mass do you think i can obtain?

12.346 lbs OP, you’ve not given any information so that we could even make a wild guess to that question.

Go research until you can answer these questions yourself




IIRC correctly, deca stimply masks joint pain instead of curing the cause…so you could be causing more damage without knowing it. This will become very apparent once the deca leaves your system.


ya I read that its like tylenol, my elbows already crack everytime I do bench press or shoulder press and obviously on tricep work outs.


Deca is like tylenol?


[quote]TRTblastcruise wrote:
Deca is like tylenol? [/quote]

Yeah haven’t you heard?


[quote]TRTblastcruise wrote:
Deca is like tylenol? [/quote]

So I can jacked on tylenol? Fuck me I never knew.