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test,test results


iv e been off since march 1st.(enanthate decca). i followed up with hcg and clomed post cycle. got some blood work done last week,everything looks good except for my T levels. basically a 60 to 80 year old guy has higher levels.(im 38) total was 184 and free was 4.6.
is this normal this long (6weeks) post cycle. will it eventually return to relatively normal leveals?
i want to start again on the 1st of may ,should i wait?


you are only off 6 weeks? you need at least 8-12 weeks from your last dose of clomid;so about 4 months after your last shot of any AAS. most people don;t realize this but to truely recover,takes along time;unless you only do a few short cycles.wait another 4 weeks then get checked again but don't take ANYTHING;even clomid.


I might try redkat and tribex to boost natural production...