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Test, Tbol and Anavar - 2nd Cycle

Hi Guys,

Iron Yuppie - A quick thank you for helping out on my last question, the industry needs more people like you.


27 Y/O, 12% BF, 6.2ft, 220lbs - long time lifter. Just finished PCT from 1st Test Cycle - Still lifting and feeling great!

My 2nd cycle (so far):

TBOL 30mg ed week 1 - 5
Test E 250mg twice per week 1 - 10
Test E 250mg e3d week 10 - 14
Anavar 50mg ed week 9 - 14
Adex 0.5mg e3d week 1 - 14
Milk Thistle + Tudca ed week 1 - 5 + 9 - 14

Nolva + Clomid - PCT (it’s worked perfectly for me, on my first cycle)

My Question:
Is 4 weeks enough time in between these two orals. My aim is to lean bulk for the first 9 weeks and then cut on the last 5 weeks. What do you guys think of this method?


Seems like a lot. Do you think you would grow on another test only cycle?

If it were me I would use the tbol and run it toward the end. Drop the anavar. Tbol provides nice solid gains as is and running anavar right behind it is lipid suicide. Test and Tbol is my vote.

Interesting. All I got from Tbol was headaches and a pump. I guess everyones different.

Now high dose anavar however, my god! Insane results.


I just ran t-bol for the first time. 50mg/ed for 5 weeks along with my cycle. The tbol was from a trusted supplier and the other stuff test/eq was from a separate supplier. I swear both the test and eq were fake but I know that almost nobody fakes test. At any rate I gained a nice solid few lbs and recomped on the tbol but once it ran out so did my gains.

It’s a good question that’s got me thinking and I think I could, yes. Mostly, I am looking to explore a couple of new options. I also compete in untested powerlifting so seeing the strength increases is just amazing and I am up for pushing the boat out a little further.

However, I respect good advice so I will rethink my cycle. I would like to see big changes from the start of the cycle, is frontloading effective for this purpose

Thank you Sir. Very good information. Do you think this would be too much on the liver as well?

Should be ok as long as you keep the orals to a reasonable length… ie 6 weeks or less.

agh… my lipids, 10-11 weeks on c17AA compounds is overkill, limit orals as much as possible, potentially use at the back end of cycle? I’m not particularly versed on cyclic regimens, however it makes sense (to me at least) to implement orals in the back end of a cycle rather than as a kickstart as the end point would be where one is already at peak muscular development due to compounds having reached peak blood concentrations and having had enough time to elict significant anabolic response within the host, adding in another compound at that point would theoretically boost you to the next level.

I assume you’re aware of the risks regarding cardiovascular, endocrine, hepatic/renal, haematological and neurological pathology that can be induced from prolonged use (or acute if extremely unlucky) of anabolic/androgenic steroids.

Personally if I was to run a cycle like this I’d implement fish oil/krill oil for some semblance of lipid/triglyceride control, anti-inflammatory/free radical scavenging aspects, pro-cognitive effects and more. NAC, grape seed and circumin extract are also decent antioxidant supplements that can be implemented year round (NAC will further aid in hepatic detoxification, I use it year round)

I too compete in untested powerlifting. Haven’t cycled yet, but I am on TRT. I do plan on doing a cycle in 6 months or so. I am currently thinking test P at 500 mg for 8 weeks.

I think it is really tempting to run different compounds, but I think playing the long game and being patient, minimizing side effects, and long term health impacts is wise move. Probably will make you less likely to sustain an injury as well.

I would rather just run the cycle a bit longer, compared to front loading.