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Test Tapering for PCT



is there any research that states what is the amount of test that does not suppress the body's natural test production.
i mean im very very interested in trying this my next cycle but there so many views against it which says that this amount will still bring HPTA shutdown


Studies cited by Cy Wilson and Pris show that 100mg/w of exogenous testosterone causes no HPTA shutdown, I believe.

The sticky located up top may not have the information you are looking for so here is the original (very long) thread


with all of the classic arguments for and against contained therein. Pris does a very good job with the 'for' side, and a lot of us here, including myself, can personally vouch for the efficacy of the protocol.


can you tell me a bit on your personal experience with this system?


Uhh...it works?



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IIRC, the amount without a SERM was given as 25mg/week, in case anyone's interested.


but from what i understand the use of SERM is not mandatory


hey guys

i know how to taper according to the tapering
protocol but what i dont understand is when to start the waiting (stasis phase) period

if im running 8 weeks of test p and masteron
do i start injecting 100mg test e right after im done with the last test/mast injection?
this part is still vague for me


Quoting from the test taper thread

"Cycle ends, stop hcg if using,

start Waiting peroid:

Week 1-6 or 1-4: Test E 100mg per week
Taper off Arimidex or femara fully by week 3"

So as soon as your cycle ends (your last shot) you jump on your stasis period of 100 mg of test and stop using HCG (if applicable).


"During the waiting period you should taper off any aromatase inhibitors you are using - basically get rid of all drugs in your system besides testosterone."



thank you!


NP, play it safe!


I'm glad you posted that Hussayn, I found that confusing as well. But no longer!