Test Tapering and Cycle Length

This site has an increadible amount of info and intelligence of its posters I have a question that may have been answered but after reading all of the tapering threads seems to be still out there. How long is it ok to stay on if you are planing on using the taporing method and still want to go off completely and be ok at the end?

I am entering into my second show in april (22 weeks away) and was planning on the following until I read about teapering. 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off and 10 weeks on (contest day). Now it seems like I should just wait, run 1 longer cycle and taper at the end to come off as I could not taper between the two samller cycles. Any advice would be appreciated but this is primarily directed at P22

I guess one of the underlying questions I’m asking is: Can you taper after a 16 week cycle an expect to return to normal (natural) test production? or is that too long to be shut down?

You may want to look at the Blast and Cruise method, so instead of coming off for 6 weeks in the middle or worrying about tapering during that time, you would just lower your dose to a more replacement type dose of TRT (200 mg/week or so). This would allow you to keep your initial blast gains and “reprime” you for your subsequent blast (<<–This sounds like bro quote, so correct me if I am off base here).

At the end, after your show, you would perform the test statis taper.

Of course, the longer you are on any sort of AAS, the more difficult recovery is likely to be. It depends on your goals and tolerance for risk. I think the B&C method is probably a happy medium. It allows for a small break in the middle so is more effective (from a recovery standpoint) than just blasting for that length of time, at the expense of more gains. But on the other hand, it may not be as recovery friendly as doing a full PCT in between cycles while allowing for more gains.

This doesn’t really address your test statis taper question though I imagine. From what I gather, the stasis is basically a replacement for PCT. So you choose one or another. So if you were going to do PCT after your 6 on/6 off/10 on plan, you would just do taper instead. What you do in between (Blast & Cruise, Multiple cycles with PCT coming off completely, etc.) is irrelevant aside from possibly dictating the length of your taper (longer, more “heavy” cycle may require a longer taper, possibly…)

thank you for the response, that is similar to somthing that I had considered. I also wondered about using only prop and tren ace. for 6 weeks then a 3 week taper of just the prop 100/75/50 3 off compleatly then 10 on till the show. I know its not ideal but im starting to run low on time…

Anyone looking please feel free to comment on this, Im open to any suggestions. Thanks