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Test Taper & Time Off?


3 weeks into tapering with test e after a 10 weeker. i am doing 100 mg test e a week and have 3 weeks to go until the 6 week clearance time is over. Am I considered "off" after the the 6 weeks. I will go 90,80,70 mg ect a week after that. If I remember correctly from p 22 this gradual decent is considered time off. Can you please confirm or deny this?......thanks


yes as soon as blood levels fall in the range of 100mg per week you can consider yourself 'off' irregardless of where the test is comming from. i.e. a needle or your testes


So I guess one would still follow the old adage Time On + PCT = Time Off... So in essence Cycle Length + Waiting period = Taper + time off

In this case:
say 10 weeks cycle, 6 weeks waiting = 16 weeks on

6 weeks taper, so 10 more off weeks should be taken.

Am I understanding it right?


Depending of course which drugs you used while on you may be able to consider your waiting period as time off.

If you used something like nandrolone decanate, then you shouldn't work it this way.

What you want to do is find the point in which all exogenous releasing into your body is roughly equal to 150 -100mg per week range. As you will have remnants of what aas you used on your cycle still releasing into your body, as well as testosterone from your waiting period. Once you fall in that range, you can begin to consider yourself 'off' From that point forward. As testosterone levels are simmilar in your body to how they would be if you were au' natural. 2.5 - 3 months is a time period I have found to be long enough to normalise, but not too long enough to loose a lot of AAS assisted gains.

This is the point you want to get back on cycle. It gives you the best opportuinity to use the AAS to help stimulate new gains that you were not able to attain on the previous cycle. After many cycles even a gain of a few pounds is a success from one cycle to the next, as for most people AAS assisted gains very much do decline over time.


Thanks, that clears it up very much.

Indeed, longer esters will take longer to clear out...

I was actually considering Enanthate Esters which are still pretty long, but I think clear out much faster than decanoate, More precisely Test E at ~ 350mg/wk and Tren E at ~500mg/wk for 8 to 12 weeks.