Test Taper Question

interested on running a test p and mast p cycle. likely 100mg of each eod for 10 to 12 weeks. i am considering the test taper pct. i have two questions

  1. i know everyones different but do u think this dose of mast will be enough that i will not need an AI while on cycle?

  2. after reading the thread regarding the test taper protocol the stasis oeriod is still unclear to me, durring this period (4weeks for prop) do i pin 100mg per week or none at all and wait for the ester to fully cler the start the taper, 100mg/80mg/60mg… (sorry if this is a dumb question better be safe than sorry)

You probably won’t need an AI but I’d still run it at a low dose just in case. Adex at .25mg eod or asin at like 6mg ed. Stay away from letro, it’ll be impossible to dose that low (unless you’ve got liquid but RC AIs are bullshit in my humble opinion).

I personally don’t do a stasis period when I taper. I just run my test a week or so longer than the other compounds (I pretty much always run long esters), then take a week off pinning, then taper down my test by like 100mg a week. I stay at 100mg for 2 weeks, adding the SERMs in on the second week.

So I’ve got a week of SERMs still pinning 100mg test, then I do 4 weeks of SERMs, then a week of tapering off the SERMs. I blast some hCG my first couple of weeks of tapering down. It makes sense to me to do this then because I’m still running an AI, which I taper down and drop when my test gets to about 200mg/week.

Sorry brother, that didn’t really answer your question! The point I’m trying to make is that you can do a taper a lot of ways, and how you set up your SERMs, hCG etc is pretty individual…