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Test Taper Question

First off I want to thank everyone on this forum for providing such great information. I have read and researched and soaked up as much information as I could.

I am 5’8" around 170 lbs and somewhere in the 14% BF range. My cycle is laid out like this:
Week 1-12, 500 of test E a week split into 2 shots one on Monday and Thursday.
Week 1-4, 40mg/Dbol ED (or might wait until week 4 to throw in the Dbol not sure yet)
Week 9-12 50mg ED Winstrol

Also have Arimidex which I will run .25 EOD from week 1-12, now is that really necessary since I do have bigger nipples (nothing abnormal) but am a little paranoid of gyno and also want to keep bloat down?

And my main question really is, I am using the Test Taper for PCT but I have a few questions. I see the standard Test E Week 1-6: 100mg per week, then taper Week 1-6: 80mg / 60mg/ 50mg/ 40mg/ 30 mg/ 20mg.

But I also see a few guys running an 8 week test taper instead of the 12 week. Is one better then the other? Naturally I would rather do the shorter taper but want to make sure it works just as well.

Also I have read some guys adding Nolva at 20mg ED into the last weeks of the taper. I am just trying to find the best PCT, sorry for the long post, and thanks in advance for any help its really appreciated.

Well first off, you don’t need to run adex from the start. Wait until you see some estro related side effects. Otherwise, you’re looking at hindering your gains, along with a host of side effects. By no means am I saying to avoid Adex altogether, but certainly don’t overuse it. Once again, use it only when necessary.

The reason some guys are using those shorter tapers is the fact their cycles are shorter. Keep it 8 weeks or shorter and you can get away with a shorter taper. However, seeing how you are running a 12 week cycle, the “standard” stasis and taper length will fit your recovery perfectly.

In regards to nolvadex, it is just a tool you can add for a quicker and more complete recovery. Personally, I have not used nolva during my taper, but then again I don’t run long cycles anymore, nor do many of the folks I work with on their cycle planning. However, due to your cycle length, I believe 20mg ED in the last 4 weeks of your taper would be marvelous for you.

Hopefully this clears things up.


Right on, thanks for the help bro. So if I start getting bloated or itchy nips just throw in the adex at .25 EOD until the sides subside then stop using it until it happens again?


I wouldn’t even use it EOD, more like E3D.


Thanks again man its really appreciated. I got one more question for yah if you get around to it lol.

Is it really necessary to split up the shots for the taper week of PCT, or can you get away with just one shot, since its such a small amount? Thanks in advance.

Continue to split the shots using insulin syringes for your injections. Backfill a few of these at a time with the required dosages need for the stasis and taper.

Warm the oil in the slin pin in either a heating pad or a cup of hot (not near boiling but hot) water prior to injecting so it will flow.

Thanks for the input lilguy. What do yah think about switchin out the Winstrol
for Anavar. My buddy today was telling me (of course just word of mouth) that winstrol is pretty brutal on your joints which I already knew, but he was saying Var is better and also better for you.

But I mean I cant see it really being that big of a deal at only 50mg a day for 4 weeks, whats your guys opinion on this?

I personally have never had any isssues with wintsrol and joint pain. However others are just crippled by it.

I wouldnt think that 4 weeks at 50mg/day should cause you too many issues.