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Test Taper Protocol/Cruising Cycles??

I’ve done 4 cycles and every time used the standard PCT protocol of 40/40/20/20 nolvadex while using hcg during my cycle. I recently had my bloodwork done and it’s apparent I got shut down pretty hard as my test level was 184.

My current cyle looks like this:

sustanon: wks 1-12, 750mg/wk
deca: wks 1-12, 350mg/wk
anadrol: wks 5-8, 100mg/wk
hcg: wks 3-12, 250iu e3d
caber: wks 3-12, .5mg e3d
aromasin: wks 1-12, 10mg/day

stasis period:

wks 13-18: sust, 100mg/wk


wks 19-23: sust 80/60/40/20/10 per week
wks 19-23: nolva 40/40/20/20/20

Does this cycle look reasonable? Following such a cycle, is it recommended that one stay on some type of cruising cycle (100mg test per week) or do most people go straight into another cycle? Is it advisable to stay “clean” for several weeks before starting another cycle. Although I’d like to get my nuts to start generating more test, I’m pretty much resigned to the fact that I’m probably never going to reach normal levels again without exogenous test.

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated!


How long has it been since your last cycle and when you got your blood work done?


3 months since last cycle. I got my bloods done 2 weeks ago (during the first week of my current cycle)