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Test Taper + PCT

In several weeks I will be coming off a test-e 500mg/week and EQ 400mg/week cycle. I was originally planning on typical PCT with Nolv/Aromasin/HCG.

Recently read a lot about test tapering and decided to give it a try, but I still want to incorporate my originally planned PCT. My main question is at what point in the taper do I begin the nolv/aromasin/HCG? I was thinking of starting at either the 100mg or 75mg/week test dose. Any ideas, P-22 perhaps.

Ok you read the taper thread, and you still want to incorporate the HCG, nolva aromasin protocol.

Choose one or the other.

My taper is designed to remove all foreign substances from the body except testosterone, which the body cannot distinguish as foreign. This allows the body to regain natural homeostasis, before tapering down and recovery is attempted.

Using HCG and nolva is counter productive. Especially the HCG.

And… you will be using low enough doses of testosterone that an AI of any kind isn’t needed.

Following the end of the taper, I advise you get blood work, and a sperm count. Then at that point use HCG and nolva if you need to - but nobody I know has needed to.

HCG is good to use during cycle if you are trying to get your wife pregnant. It is suppressive to the hpta - counter productive to recovery so not a good thing to use post cycle, and merely a stop-gap measure.

Mixing Anthony Robert’s protocol and my protocol together will not net you more favorable results.

IMO it’s not 1+1 = 2 here, it’s more like:

      (-1) + 1 = a big fat ZERO!



Thanks P-22 for taking time to clear that up. I am excited to try the taper for the first time.